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  1. I had no idea I was commiting such a crime, to help a person out. If they want to come after me, so be it. I know what I did and why, no malicious intent to anyone.
  2. I really don't care if you think that. And maybe you don't have a generous heart like some people do. However, I do. You don't know me, and I really hope to never know you, since you are quick to judge. Not that I have to explain anything to you, but I help complete strangers out, inworld and in the real world all the time. It's my nature, it's what makes me feel good, and because I do doesn't give you the right to say anything that isn't helpful. So please. see yourself out of my post...I don't need your kind at all commenting.
  3. Last week while shopping at an event, I received an IM from someone who wanted me to help him with his avi. I like helping people out, so I accepted his tp to where he was to help him out. When I got there, he appeared to be trying on a mesh body. He was speaking on voice(I do not), and he asked me to turn on the mic to hear him, in which he told me that he would like to get a Cabela's gift card for his young cousin, to buy fishing equipment. I am prone to helping out people when they ask, so I purchased a Cabela's gift card(using a Visa vanilla card) and sent it over to the email he provided. In return, he gave me 12k linden. I was fine with that but after a few days my concern that he would ask me to do this again came to fruition. He sent me an email asking me to do it again(presumably to "buy a better tacklebox for his cousin"). He dropped another 15k linden into my acct before I could agree/disagree to helping him out a second time. So what I did is I video'd myself(using my cell phone)returning the 15k he sent to his avi's SL account along with the message through SL that I would not be able to get him another gift card. I had a weird feeling about this once I got his second request. He may be legit, but it just seems so scammish. Anyone heard of such a scam with gift cards going on like this? Is my SL acct in danger of being accessed? Can I be carted off to jail for my participation? No bashing, please.
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