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  1. Thank you Nancy, this helps me understand the problem. I will try to make some texture groups in Maya to see if that helps. Ill will also try photoshop, but i think beeing able to edit the trees in Maya (or Blender) will be a huge benefit. Im very curious on the prim count in SL too, that might be the next challenge:) Anders
  2. Hi again I got the tree right in Maya loading the textures manually. Then i exported it as FBX_DAE and tred to import it to SL. I then get the following errors: Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model. Then i´f itry to caluculate weights and fee i get the following error: mesk model failed to upload: The model contains no meshes Any suggestions on how to correct this? Anders
  3. Hi guys... TreeSketch2 is a very nice app. However, i tried to import it to Maya, and it dosnt load the textures right(with doc the leaves dont get trasparent, and look more like white sheets of paper with a leaf painted on. With FBX lefs is all green. And if i export it to SL with the FBX-DAE format i get an error. Have anyone imported somthing to SL from Treesketch? And is, then how? I would love to be able to do that Anders
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