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  1. A friend of mine has paid me a substantial amount of lindens and it shows that he paid me in our chat but i have never received the monies...what should i do?
  2. Hi. My SL name is Josie Claven and I have purchased an entire Elle Tan Skin package and one line of Elle Dark Tan Skin from Belleza. Although there is a notecard included with each purchase that tells you to go to http://www.bellezaskin.com/faq-2 for questions and/or problems/issues, when I go to this link it does say Belleza.com at the top, however, the language is not in English and it does not appear to be the right place to express concerns. With all of the skins included in each package and/or line, I have the following problems: Each skin is numbered and includes 3 styles you can wear, i.e.. Skin #15 Dark Tan, Skin #15 Dark Tan HB (cleavage), and Skin #15 Dark Tan Skin HB (cleavage).....I am not quite sure what the difference is between the two HB cleavage versions. At any rate, on every numbered skin, all the non-cleavage indicated ones and one of the HB cleavage ones always puts a dark or black scalp on my avatar. Thus, I am left with only one of the HB cleavage versions that provides no scalp at all. The dark/black scalps that appear on my avatar's head not only have short sideburns that come down the front of the ears, but it doesn't matter what color of hair that I try to wear, the Belleza skin's scalp never changes to the color of the scalp that comes with any hair. This is a major concern of mine because I do not like to wear the "HB (cleavage") skins at all and also because I have a major inventory of fine "Hair" from great, well established places in SL that I cannot wear due to color and/or style without the dark scalp from the skin showing. Basically, I am stuck because I do not know who to contact as Belleza's link does not suffice and I really need some answers hear. I have never heard of this happening before. Can someone please help me out there????? If you combine the skin purchases from Belleza along with the multitude of "Hair" that I own, well, it becomes very significant. I would appreciate any help that I can get. Thank you very much for your help with this matter, Josie Claven lfbulldozer@yahoo.com
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