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  1. So the rent itself isn't the problem. It's actually not bad and totally reasonable I think. It is a full 20K Prim sim. But its an additional 5K per WEEK if you upgrade to a 30K. So 16866 turns into 21866L a week. 87464L a month total. The issue is the cost from the land company for the upgrade. 60000L when it costs $30 USD from LL to do so. Name changes are 25USD, Land company charges 15k L. (Keep in mind. The 60K Linden fee they charge? None of it goes towards rent. It lines the owners pockets after they give LL the measly 30 USD to upgrade) Roll back to 20K costs 30 USD as well but you have to wait a month. But the company in question here claims "It cant be downgraded" All in all you have to charge customers more to make money at the end of the day, that's business. But the prices the company I'm renting from now are trying to offer for these cheap services from LL are highway robbery and super scummy.
  2. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up on that one.
  3. For background: We're currently renting from a certain land company. Our weekly tier is 16899. I asked them about a prim increase from 20k to 30k, expecting $30 charge + maybe a little fee for them to make money. Naaah From their Support site for a 30k Prim upgrade: Tier will be increased L$5,000 per week There is an upgrade fee of L$60,000 Upgrading is a one way process, we cannot downgrade the prim counts On top of this. They also charge 15k Linden for a name change. I can totally understand having a upcharge to ensure you're making a profit but this seems like straight up scammy and land baron vampire nonsense. For reference, others charge like 7k for a 30k increase and somewhere around there for a name change. Look before you rent people.
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