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  1. The added picture would be fairly easy for me to make, however I only build with regular prims unless you manage to get the needed mesh parts and textures. I am one of the people that have been in the game the longest, fast builder on PC but no idea on laptop (pc problems). You may be able to find some examples of my work on the marketplace, perhaps it tickles your interest. We could discuss more in-world if you still need help.
  2. Had the same problem happen to me a few days ago, seemed to solve itself as quickly as it came. I think it may have had something to do with the update earlier this week. It may have caused some unespected issues.
  3. noticed the same thing, just this week. last week it was all ok. Teleports also fail very often and only fix after relog. So it is not pc performance at all that is the issue.
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