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  1. Uhm, i dont think, that this FONT is so bad to read, its normal like Handwritten: 𝓔𝔁𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 So, whats so wrong on this Font, this is a beautyful Handwriting Style, before i had also some Font Style from Fancy Text Generator and that worked without Problems. Thx
  2. Thx Willow, hmmm, can you advise a Site with Signs, that i could use? Tysm
  3. I got this Problem and i hope someone know why and can please help TYSM I get me my Display NAme Signs mostly from here: https://coolsymbol.com/cool-fancy-text-generator.html The Fontstyle works, cause i see it after add it to my Display Name in Profile, LL is ok with it, otherwise they Message would show up: Those SIgns are not supported in Firestorm! Now, when i log in next Day, the Display Name is gone and i cant change anything anymore? And this is not the first Time, that happened already. Can LL delete without Warning a Display Name and Why, i took as Display N
  4. Thx yea i almost thought so, but L´etre and Tres Beau Skins keeping their Ad Promise, they look very very good. Thx Ps: Finaly we found out whats the lower Image, the Model from TO.KISKI, the PALE ONE, which Skin it is, its a NOT FOUND SKIN, but, something is still not correct, i even dont look a bit like her. Maybe you see, whats the big Difference between the Model (Pale Girl on the lower Image) and the Skin i figured out finaly,look: TYSM for compare them!
  5. Thank you Lillith, okay hm Not Found i know, but the Second One i never heard, hope i find one of them. Anyway Tysm :)
  6. Well, its that, its always when i look for the most Realistic and best, expensivest Skin from an Designer, i am anyway not pleased with myself, cause there out could still be some Skin, that would make me Omfg Say. I tryed already L´Etre,ItGirls,Tres Beau, yea they have amazing Skins and they look fantastic, but i want more Realism. Like that Skin, i dont find a Way, to get out, what Skin is that---> and that Skin, what Brand, what Designer made this Skin, its so beautyful? So, when i look Savannah´s Skin, she looks like always like a
  7. Well, Savannah probably wants to get famous, like one of the Famous Youtuber, those, they have a lot Contact with Game Designers and are invited to each Game Convention, pff, they are only show-offs, such, when they get famous, after 5 Months you hear Nothing anymore from them! Thx Guys
  8. My Flickr Name..... Tiffany Towers, i took that, cause i am a big Fan of her Body Shape and her Look from the 1980´s. Btw another Question, I say to every of my Voter/Follower in the COmments below my personal Thx NAME ..... Why do the Flickr Website Owners, forbid me to do that by more, as soon as i want to thank lets say 65 Followers, each with Name, that comes---> "Your Comment could not be Postet!" What the Hell, and? Even if i spam my own Comment List, its my Problem, and not the Problem of the Website Owners, do they have a Spam Secure for the Comment Tab/List?
  9. So Marina, i set my last Photo to Width 16000 x 6000 and yea it was much more wider on the Page as the normals i do, thx my Graphic Card i could go up to 50.000 x 30.000, but omg, i dont wanna see later the MB SIze and it would be silly, load such a heavy Sized to FLickr, even if that would be a HDMi Graphic and sharp as a knife. Skell, than you dont know Savannah Mohegan, she is only out for VOTES, votes, votes, and she get it, no matter if she does a ordinary Shoot, with Clothes or naked, she gets always her 300 - up to even 450, so what does she do, and pimpin a Photo so much up with P
  10. Ohh Thank you all so much, i ´ll try that with the Width, thx marina Na, with the Likes, means Votes its like an Rollercoaster, they go up than the go down again, last Time i get again for show Fashion from the Access Event 171 votes, what i really appreciate, cause i am not a High Profi Blogger, but i think, if you make too cheap Shots, means too much Nudity, you get seen as Cheap and vulgar. Some i saw, they make far away Shoots, means not zoomed in like i do with Angle 0.080 and they get massive Votes, like 500-700, wow hey, i think, how can this be done? Tysm all
  11. What i else wanted to tell all those Mesh Clothes Designers! PLEASE GUYS, make not everything, that looks fu....ing Hot and cool and sexy, like Latex and Mega Designs of Mesh Clothes for the Bony Maitreya, all those Girls with Hourglass or eBody Curvy or TONIC Curvy cant wear those wonderful Designs, cause everyone is so FIXED on ONLY MAITREYA. Do you really find Legs, they are thin like a Pencil sexy or Beautyful? Ewww, a Woman normaly has some Hips, not Bones and Skin, like she didnt eat for a Year! Or Breasts like a Mouse and a Butt like a Ironing Board, look even in Reality, the
  12. I goooot another important Question, often i see by other Bloggers, their Photos are so wide, they cover the whole Stream, means from Left to the Right Side, very wide. Now its strange my Photos are all on a Size of 6144 x 3382 and they still have not the correct Size or what, to fit that Width from left to right Side? Uhm, i asked me already, is this only possible for PRO Account Bloggers or what do i wrong, to get not that Size, i mean, hey, i already tryed a Size by my Photos of 15000 x 10000 and still it didnt cover the whole SIte? So how does that work, do i have to make so
  13. Na, i got my Account there since 2017, got now around 3000 Followers, but i think, with the Time many forget about me and to vote all their new Work, uhm yea, can be a Odysee. Thx
  14. Whaaaat, Votes are Buyable, wtf, now i know how Savannah came to her 500 Votes. No Wonder! What i find very stressfull is, vote all those Followers Newest Images and by 3045 that can be a hellish Work. Ugh. Thx you all anyway
  15. Ohh, awww thx Alyona, yea i do it, cause i like Poses, Photography, 3D art etc. Yea i know that, had already on another Forum some very negative Feedbacks about my Style of writing Novels, cause in RL i write FanFictions too, well yea, and People responded harsh bad even evil ugly. Anyway thx for your Answer Greetings
  16. I dont know, if i can post that here, but some Big Question burns under my Nails like Fire! I blog now on Flickr with very good Photos for almost two Years, i got a lot Experience, as Examaple i only use LumiPro and my Photos are always at a Size of 6144 x 3382, means the Look of them later HD! Anyway, a Friend of mine, she gets on every damn Photo, that is totaly "Photoshopped", so you dont even see anymore, how the Image looked at Start, means it looks like a Woman that wears a bit too much Make up! But, what the Hell, she get´s on every Image 400 - 500 Votes. I am not envy,
  17. Thx Anita61, i´ve tryed it before 2 Years and i have to say, Easy is all, but not that, Mesh all self, rigg it to Skeleton, oookay, i know how to Mesh Things, but this was, also i watched Tutorials, very very a Hell of Work. Thank you anyway :)
  18. Thx for the Answer Matty, the first LINK seems not to work, comes always "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back!" The second Link, yeah, looks good, but what i meaned, was more Designers like Insanya, but from her i got already almost everything. As Example i looked so long for a Bikini Panty, that let more see of my Buttocks, sorry for discribe it like that, i also typed different Discriptions in for that on MP, no result, strange, but others got such Mesh Pantys. What i desire is the Bitchy Style, i always look for the newest Fashion OMFG Experience, like LANA, i g
  19. Hi everyone, i wanted finaly to ask here, cause going on Shoppingtour is slowly a Pain in the A..... for me. I wear a Slink Hourglass Mesh Body, now no matter in which Store i come, when i search them via Secondlife Search, is dissapointing. I'm tired of shopping for clothes, just getting that "Aha" "Hmh", "No, not my style" experience! Means, i want the hottest, sexyest and even yes, Kinkyest, naughtyest Mesh Clothes made for Hourglass. Why, well i am Flickr Playmate too and look on my Photos, like an old grey Maid, , where clothing is buttoned up to the top, just so you do no
  20. Everyone perfect and tysm. The Audrie are very sweet. Tysm again
  21. Sorry its me again, i still got the Problem, as soon as i enter a Displayname, i see it for a While, but after i log off and log in next Day, the Displayname is gone. The strange is, the characters i choosen worked, but as soon as i log off, it seems to vanish. Idk what it is The Viewer or maybe LL dont like the Names, idk. My Computer cant be it, cause what should my Pc have to do with Display Names. Tysm
  22. I´m looking for, chin-length Hair, which can assign different colors by Hud, but please only Mesh Hair. I saw some Mesh Hair, cant remember where that was, she had the Hair center-parted, but not covered the eyebrows, and not longer as the neck. The Mesh Hair Nicki from [RA] i got already, but i want more like such, where i can color it different. Tysm if someone knows such Hair, maybe with a Link to it MP or In World. Tysm
  23. I changed my Display Name to my favourite Computer Game Figure-----> Maggs Black, at Begin i saw the Display Name, but after about 30 Minutes the Name was changed by Linden Lab to this---> M Only M, why does Linden Lab change my name i wanted into an stupid M? Since when Names get cut off to a Single letter? Can anyone explain that and fix that, i want my Favourite RP Name Maggs Black. Thx Question Edited: What, ONLY cause the NAME is from Fallout 4 from NUKAWORLDS RAIDER LEADER of the Supporters, Linden Lab FORBIDS IT? Uhhm,, from where does LInden Lab know all Names of Fallout 4 CHA
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