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  1. I was thoroughly tickled to see that Berry used something I made in one of her pictures, and I'm rather pleased, personally, that LL has started to showcase a bit of what's aesthetically -possible- in SL, instead of leaning on the old 2006 look to coax new members into the experience. In this image, Berry actually opted to use the "modesty" system layers I included with the outfit, for those people who didn't want their pink bits (or brown bits, or blue bits, or furry bits, or scaley bits.. etc) flashing all over the grid. So I thought I'd pop in to add a note, that while her avatar might b
  2. Hey Rod! I'd just like to toss in a suggestion that as well as Twitter, you consider signing up with a Plurk account. There's a lot of us there, using it in favor of Twitter, since it allows for a little more interaction. In fact, it's how I found out that you had arrived, and it also directed me to this blog post. But it's such a popular platform, Second Life is even listed as one of the options under "Country" when you select where you come from. More recently, we also earned our own "Front Page" category for their new trending plurks. (User-promoted.) You can read about it at New World
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