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  1. I feel sorry for anyone that is really new to second life that is not coming with a friend. Really I have not seen a set up like this ever. First off the viewer is not intuitive so they need help with that. Then they load up the game and are sent through these doors wondering what the heck is going on. When they get there it just seems some random drop off point. I know LL likes to look at second life as a 3d webverse, but its far from that. I have talked with people in other online games I play that have said it was just too confusing to figure out so they left. What was wrong with the old way? I can say for sure if I was making a new char and coming on here which I did for business reasons long ago, I would have skipped the meeting after the frustration I would have had. Everyone that reads these forums will know how second life works, it seems easy to us and second nature. Not to your new users, some of them have even told me so. If second life is going to be listed on steam as Bobbie said, I cannot wait for the backlash on outside forums about how poor the documentation is set up. You need to go outside your office and grab someone off the street that has never heard of second life. Pay them 100 bucks and watch them fumble through attempting to start.
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