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  1. People still use it? I try to avoid hippo as much as possible.
  2. My friend have shrinked herself half of my size and added gigantic booty and double the breasts. Now she thinks its sexy, i guess for some it might be but it looks just plain dumb.
  3. I have hade times when i have left my av for a year, and my alt for 2 years. I wouldnt want them to be removed.
  4. He didnt force your friend to buy it. Like the merchant said,why did your friend even buy something from him when he/she was on the blacklist? And hes the creator and he have all the rights to do whatever he wants with hes stuff. Next time just dont buy anything from him and thats it.
  5. If u want to live there,i can give you my land spot,i just got my own sim and gonna make a city of my own,so im gonna move out anyway. If you are interested contact me inwordly.
  6. Try rockport. Thats where i moved recently. Its nice place although sone things could be different,but best ive found sofar.
  7. not less than 540ll a week and most likely you will have to train her basics of sl and whatever job she wants to do Now thats funny, but good luck
  8. Hello, I'm looking for full sim. IM me with price and date inwordly please. THank you.
  9. Hey guys. Im looking for a nice big house or a penthouse style appartment in a fun community. I dont really like these island style places so it would be nice if its some town or city style sim :) Any suggestions?
  10. =================================== FULL PRIVATE SIM FOR SALE SIM NAME - Mercuria PRICE - 200$ TIER DATE - 1st of every month Includes sim move and renaming. Done trough Lindens. Contakt me inwordly Rihanna Irata ==================================
  11. MS Mercuria is looking for a DJ. We are hosting a "Pilot Party" for this weekend and we are in need of a DJ. Requirements: Previous experience Voice Wide range of music 18+ Fun and social Fanbase is a plus. For more info contact Rihanna Irata or Tartarus barthelmess.
  12. Hello, Im looking to buy a homestead sim. Sim with close tire date will be rejected. Contakt me inwordly Rihanna Irata, in case of offline, please send notecard with price,date,etc. Thank you.
  13. MS Mercuria Cinema Do you enjoy movies? Do you like horror? Than MS Mercuria Cinema is the place to be. We are showing "Mama" and "Black death" So take your friends, grab a popcorn and enjoy your time with some great movies :) Taxi to MS Mercuria Cinema
  14. MS Mercuria Cruise Cinema is finally open and we are showing "Mama" and "Battle:LA". If your a movie lover than this is the place for you. MS Mercuria is a full sim sized cruise ship offering a wide range of activities, such as bowling,tennis,billiard,arcade games, ballroom,club,pool,casino and much more. So come and enjoy. TP to Cinema - MS Mercuria Cinema TP to main cruise entrance - MS Mercuria Boarding Office
  15. Been looking for a new place to relax,shop,party or have fun with your friends? Than you have finally found on. One of the most luxurious and fun cruises in Second Life, come visit the MS Mercuria Cruise. Start your trip with a coffee, lemon juice or pizza, then why not visit the shopping mall or game room? Enjoy billiards, tennis or bowling? We got it. Work up a sweat at the gym then relax at the spa. Waste away the afternoon at the pool deck then finish the night in one of the hip clubs. The cruise offers much more, so come and explore! Sincerely, MS Mercuria Cruise. MS Mercuria Cruise TP
  16. MS Mercuria Cruise is finally coming close to its grand opening and we want to pack our stores full for the hungry SL crowd's so we are having a "Grand Opening Promo" in which all stores receive 1 month free. Time starts at the day of opening. After that prices are 50ll/25prim store and 100ll/50prim store. Rules: 1.No freebies or resells. 2.No vendors(as harsh as it might sound for some designers, I want to keep my stores good looking) 3.No sexual/nude content. SPECIAL!!! We have 3 stores spots right next to our ballroom, so we
  17. Rihanna Irata

    Prim autoreturn

    Hello, So i basicly started to build my sim without any group tag and land was not set to any group, now that my sim weights around 11 000 prims im in a need to set my land to a group and activate auto return, but i would like to know, will autoreturn return my stuff(sim owner) also? even if they are not set to any group or some otther group?
  18. Chau :) Although i've been in SL for years now and been dealing with these kind of things, i've totally forgotten about them hehe So my question is: 1.So I have this land in which ill rent out stores and cabins, so I will set the land to the group right? So once i've set it to the group I will set up auto return, but im wondering , will it return my objects(as the sim owner) if I haven't set them to the land group(or I would have rezzed them with some different group tag)? 2.Lag scares me,and I want to keep it as low as possible, I have this lantern thing that rezzes 3 paper lanterns which
  19. i dont think anybody will give you "free land"(one time pay) everybody pays montly rent for sim
  20. Hey guys, Past several months ive been building my sim. Now im getting close to finally finishing it, but althought not everything is done, i would want to hear some oppinions. If you like to travel and explore and would like me to give you a tour and after tell me your thoughts please IM me inwordly :) heres a sneek peek of what ive made
  21. Some time ago i bought a piece of furniture from MP, it was an demo. I recieved it and everything was okey. A week later i got an IM from merchant appologizing for delivery failure and once the im come i recieved the real furniture not the free demo i actually bought. Befor i actually prest accept on the item i told him that befor i accept or deny, he must know that i actually bought the demo. And nice from him he told me to accept it since i was honest so i got my cute 500ll furniture for free, just for beeing honest frendly merchants like this, and thoese who can just chit chat with you an
  22. Hey hey :P So ive been building my sim for past 2-3months now, and im getting close to finishing it and opening it but what im really consored about is lag. Time to time i get small lag spikes when i move which im not sure if its from my own internet or its my sim, so i constantly monitor the statistics window, it seem okey most of the time its around 45. My question is, is there a way to test my sim on how would it react with several avatars? maybe theres some script that imitates avatar? What does script info really tell me? Sofar ive been using 279997kb memory, which im not sure what is
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