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  1. Thanks. I thought that Google should have done the same thing. i KNOW on my old computer i had her saved, since that's what i was using when i created the account, but it wouldn't show up. Push comes to shove i can try to start it up and try to get the PW, but it's still running Vista, which was giving me issues.
  2. Thanks, Moira. Unfortunatley it COMPLETELY cleared my list of avatars when everything got corrupted. =/
  3. I have two "main" accounts, and one that i use to save lindens on. When i went to log in after the big windows update last night i found my files had been corrupted, and i had to reset my passwords for my accounts since the info was lost on the login as a result. Unfortunately when i tried to reset my third (banker) account i discovered (DUN DUN DUNNNN!) that i did NOT use the same E-Mail for her. NEITHER of my E-Mail accounts are the right one...so i spent some time trying to guess the password again, with no luck... Can anyone advise me what i need to do to have the PW reset and rega
  4. It won't be just SL, though...it will be everything from Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook to Amazon, YouTube, Creg's List and EBay. ANYTHING that is uploaded will be scrutinized for security. We'll no longer be free simply because we will have to watch even more closely (which we already have to do) not just everything we upload, but everything we book mark, share, save or send. The laws look plain and easy. But that's what makes them so very dangerous.
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