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  1. Not fair at all. I live in SC, a lottery state, which in itself is gambling. Skill gaming is nothing more than a virtual board game, and last time I looked board games were not illegal to play. This new policy is so much BS its not even funny. I have been in SL since about a year after it first started and have spent who knows how many thousands of dollars on content alone not to mention feeding LLs pockets who knows how much along the way, and this is how Im repaid for my dedication. Unable to enjoy what SL offers because they keep cutting their own throats and removing or banning a lot of what brought me to SL in the first place. SL was advertised as our world, our way, totally player created and now it is nothing more than LL political greed and BS. Petitions and suits should be filed to demand changes and receive damages for LLs lies and violations against its own players. And they should be required to change the name from Second Life to something more appropriate like Dream Life, because it certainly is nothing like a 2nd life anymore, and it has lost its fun factor completely.

  2. Greetings, one and all.

    I am currently looking for someone who is fluent in Russian and English to do some translating for my fiancee and I. We will be having a formal wedding ceremony Feb. 9th, and wish to have someone translate our vows to russian and english for this purpose before then. I also wish to find someone who knows or can locate any Russian dances within SL as a surprise for my new SL husband at our wedding. I need these services as soon as possible so please feel free to IM me, Vampirella Jewel, if available. Thank you for your assistance in this most important of events.


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