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  1. then I suppose this is a lesson for you learned the hard way *peace
  2. you're going to pitch a 'bitch fit'? Why...it was your fault for joining a group with liabilities checked. If you wanna bitch at someone, start with the image in your mirror
  3. gee...what a shame... it reminds me of the problem Wasted Engineer was having with the Lindens over a language problem. It seems the Lindens were ignoring the needs of the spanish peoples and it got so bad..."it stunk to coffee" Maybe , you should ally yourself with Wasted engineer and bring the evil linden empire to its knees
  4. hey Hippie I'm Moxie's attorney and she said to send her Congtatz to you...(the silly heifer got banned and is currently serving time at a minimum security facility in Terre Haute Indiana) also big shout out to the ever vigilant moderaters who busted her for jay walking, or spitting on the damned sidewalk, or wtf it was she did...
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