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  1. Yes I can. Also, this is a recent change. I'm so untechie that this has me totally confused. Thank you for you're answer
  2. I'm age verified (older than dirt). I can go to all places on Second Life, the Market Place and the forums. I can't view "adult" television. It's not my thing, but my partner likes it from time to time and I don't even see the television as playing so I've changed some movies while he's watching. Why can't I see these adult movies? Thank you, Phyl :smileyhappy:
  3. Sir, I did send IM's but received no answer. I was hoping to find a page with lists and reasons here. I wasn't there to have any private conversations so I guess I'm at a lose there. However I do respect your decision. Thank you for taking the time to answer Dilbert. I would assume I shall see you here. This is a new facet of SL for me and you are the most knowledgeable person I know on SL. Phyl
  4. Thank you Dilbert. I'd not realized I done that. It has been very nice knowing the Sweethearts Family and I am grateful and always shall be. I do apologize for any problem I caused you. Good life and happiness to you both. Phyl
  5. Thank you. I did as you suggested as soon as it happened, no answer. I guess it will be a mystery to me. I was hoping that there was a place on here where you could see who was banned from where and why. Thank you for taking the time to answer me .
  6. Re: The Sweethearts ban question of earlier. I was told in an im from the owner that I was banned and as suggested, I did politely IM both owners. As I said earlier, I don't want them to lift the ban, I'd just like to know what I've done since the ban came days after I'd last been there. Thank you all who gave suggestions! Sorry if I'm doing this wrong. Phyl
  7. I was banned from Sweethearts Jazz. I have no idea what I did wrong nor had I been there. Is there a place to find out the reason you are banned from a place? I DO understand that this is privately owned and therefore no reason is necesssary. I'm not asking for the ban to be lifted, I would just like to know what I did to earn it. Thank you.
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