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  1. I'm stuck in Safe Hub, Arapaima (114, 165, 22) - Adult - after creating an account in the iTunes APP Pocket Metaverse for SL on my iPad. I had to do a clean install. Restart, restart... My Linden dollars were correct after I did the clean install. I just can't teleport out of the Safe Hub I'm in. I've put my avatar in Ruth-mode. Please help me get out! My other avatar, not registered in the iTunes APP is fine. Please, help me get out!! -- FireWoman Pleides
  2. Thanks, Suspiria. I did as you suggested and now I can see my group title in Viewer 1 and Viewer 2. Yea!!
  3. Under "Me" and "Preferences" I have the block for "Show Group Titles" clicked and my activated group title will not show. I use a MacBook on SL Viewer 2. When I upgraded to V2, I most likely had the group title box turned off. If anyone could shed some light on how to activate my group name I would appreciate it. When I click 'off' the 'show group title' my avi's name shows up on two lines. When I turn on the 'show group title' my avi's name appears on one line - but no group name. Thanks for helping.
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