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  1. Good news! I have asked people at Belleza. Tricky is working on updating the Belleza bodies. It's been delayed because of RL issues, not under his control. But I was assured that updates are in the works!

    Great! I remember with the bento-updates Belleza was later than other bodies too, but eventually it came!  I love the body so I'm glad I won't have to switch.

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  2. Maitreya Lara is the most popular female body, and has a lot of clothing and skins available. In survey's it's usually followed by Belleza Freya, TMP Legacy, Slink Hourglass, Ebody curvy, Slink Physique, Altamura, Belleza Isis, Sking, Signature Alice.

    I use Belleza Freya and I'm satisfied with it. Most creators make for it too. Only rarely there's something 'maitreya only' that I really, really wish I could have.

    Like mentioned before the free TMP body (for 1L$) has limited clothing and options. But for newbies it is good for trying, and learning how mesh bodies in general work, in case you don't want to buy a more expensive mesh body right away. Good luck!


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  3. Hi everyone,

    My question is how to reset the Horizons shared environment setting.

    I have land in Horizons. This special mainland has it's own specification, among which its own shared environment. A softer, lighter tone environment (previously windlight).

    Is this environment maybe available in Library? What is it called?

    Because If I click Default (or Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Midnight) on Horizons land, the environment will go to Second Life's default, not Horizon's own shared environment setting. I would like to experiment with EEP and also apply different ones to my parcel. But I would like to have the possibility to return to Horizon's default (which is not the same as SL's default). I hope I explained this correctly.

    Does anyone know this?

    Best wishes, Aegir.

  4. It does get fixed by sending a ticket.

    It's fixed for me now, but now I have another problem with Sync with my Magic Box. I reset the box several times, and cleared cache and cookies, but still new items don't shop up in my inventory and removed items won't go away.

    I can edit the items in my inventory, but don't seem to communicate with my magic box.

    I received an e-mail for that, to reset my magic box completely.

    But if you just have the TOS-issue, a ticket or support chat will work. They are aware of this issue that happens to people who were in XStreet before, and didn't create Marketplace when it was taken over.

  5. Thank you for a quick reply, Valerie. I use Firefox. I had already tried IE before posting this. Also used the search to see if others had encountered this problem, but couldn't find anything. It's still not working. Logged out, cleared cache, logged back in. Still not working.

    I still have an old xstreet magic box. Could that be the problem? Did LL release a new magic box since they took over the Marketplace? The Xstreet magic box seems to working fine though.

    I haven't been inworld a lot the past two years, but now I have a new graphic card, and getting back into it. I'd like to edit my listings in Marketplace and remove some crap items and update everything. But then I need to be able to enter my Merchant home.


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