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  1. For me it helped going to the place, editing a few objects and finding out who owns them. I just told them to stop or I will report their illegal spam activities. I never received a respond, but that worked. Just give them some hate. ♥
  2. Excuse me, not everyone is on lockdown like you are. Unfortunately some people have to be there to keep your things running. My sincere apologies. But yes, I can agree with most of the posts. One thing is still really odd to me. It's the part (If I recall correctly). Where LL stated to raise MP fees, justified by "because Apple and Google does it". There was no mention of "Hey, we need to do that, because we are loosing money // want to make SL better and have more expensive hardware/devs". The reasoning alone is really weird to me.
  3. ... one step from being shut off? I am worried. Monetizing last names, raising fees (Justified, because "Google" and "Apple" does it (The best laugh I had in years, reading that.)), outsourcing money transactions (Tilia) and other things being taken away and put behind a paywall raised a lot of red flags for me. Is Linden Labs having serious income issues? - Are there new chairmen at Linden Labs which just want to milk our beautiful world? I'd like to know and discuss.
  4. I can find no information about Tilia, except here? I mean, their website looks like a major scam and their whole ToS is literally a joke. I see hole, after hole, after hole... It could be a... Wait, that's [A]. This looks more like a major outsource, even their homepage doesn't fully work. I tried to contact them, buy they do not accept ANY phone-number I tried (I have a few). This looks like a aprils fool gone late. This blows my mind on so many levels, I had to post on the forums for the first time of my life. (Here :3) ------ Btw. Is it just me,.. or am I the only one wondering how to log into my tilia account?! Which was created for me? o.x
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