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  1. Since about 2/3 months ago i started experiences freezing in Second life. Like... Allot It seems to happen randomly and no idea how to prevent it. I've tried out all kinds of different viewers, and all seem to be doing this. It seems to happen allot when playing videos in SL (streaming on a tv)

    It just randomly locks up and i have to force the executeable to stop.  ANyone else experiencing this? Or know how to fix this?


    My computer is self build. i7 960, Asus p6t Deluxe motherboard, 6 gb ram and a HD ATI6990

  2. i've seen a few stores go under already. I just send out links containing the products to the publisher/developper who makes these things. Telling LL to remove them gets you nowhere, they dont give a hoot about it. Not until they get threatened with legal actions


    Like this talentless store


    And this one


    who sells ripped models from Eidos games games, published by square enix. Bioware, published by EA, Epic studios

    The second one was even selling armor from the game Tera, and probably got all those Anime/cell shaded models from countless other games.


    So far Rocksteady has looked into some of the copyrighted batman content and forced some talentless bum to remove items. So i guess all you need to do is send emails to the companies who own the actual models, and hope one of these brats gets a lawsuit thrown at them instead of a warning.

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  3. Man... Some stores are seriously getting out of hand, and even selling them for a hefty price too.. I know LL cant possibly know every detail, but they should atleast put a report button in there somewhere so you can send it their way and they can investigate, as long as you add proof.

    Theres a store on the marketplace called Xeno cyber wear, which has armors ripped from Unreal tournament, mass effect, and he/she has been selling these things for quite a while now.. It would seriously suck if mesh got attacked, or perhaps removed because of a certain few incompetent people who cant leave the urge to take others peoples property and sell it as their own.

  4. Not gonna make a completely new thread for this so i'l just post it here. But what in the world is linden labs doing? In clear sight people have already ripped off complete avatars from games. Yet they dont do anything about it.


    You have this store called Horo which apparently ripped models from Crysis, Assassins Creed, Spider-man, Batman Arkham city/asylum. and even uploaded models ripped straight ouf of poser.

    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49754 Heres the SL store itself.

    I thought Linden Labs was supposed to atleast try and prevent this from happening? Yet here it stands on the marketplace.

    Kind of rediculous seeing how these incompetent fools are probably going to be the cause for mesh to dissapear once this whole model ripping runs out of controll and linden labs starts getting sued from left to right.

  5. I was working on some animations for my next machinima, when i was randomly logged in. Apparently the sim was restarting and i didn't notice the warnings. I go back in and SL crashes constantly when running shadows Which i need for my Machinima. Whenever theres one or more avatars on the screen now, sl instantly crashes. I used to be able to run SL with dozens of people and shadows on. But now its failing at 2 while running on Phoenix. I try kirsten viewer, Everything works fine, but when i try to upload my animations, which always upload perfectly fine, it tells me that it cannot initialize the motion, and my animations wont upload. And all this worked perfectly fine before i got kicked off Second Life.


    Did LL just install something or change something without informing people? Why is my phoenix currently immobilized, and impossible to run, when it ran perfectly fine 20 minutes ago. What the hell is going on here.

  6. One thing i'm aware of is that its nots a unloaded sculpty. I know the spheres  when sculpties load, and these are nothing like it. They even happan when i'm not wearing sculpties. It just randomly pops up every now and then. Sometimes its justa  long stretched out line, but mostly its a ball


    Weird that something like that is the actual issue.. It just disapeared. I used to have my LOD Up to 8.00 for filming sculpted objects in the distance..


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