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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: Okay, this did not go so smoothly but did anyone really expect it would? No. What is important to me is that we have this communication.* That is huge. In the past the problem would not have even been acknowledged at all, and certainly no one would have told us what corrective measures were being taken. I for one am deeply grateful to be kept in the loop. * And folks, we have a pro doing the communicating here. None of this blaming merchants for being lazy / stupid (eg "I am not a mind reader!) like we have heard before -- when we heard anything at all. Ill agree, We really should commend Brook for the continued communications! Someone talked about the hours of fixing stuff after the migration from SLX to SLM. You were lucky, I have a product that, instead of migrating it as a product, it produced 10 different products and none of them had any of the original ratings or the comments. So my free builders hud is back to a 0 rating. I can not count the hours I have spent trying to get this stuff back and it really is upseting to see it all messed up again. To Brook and the LL team, Please read the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Paying special attention to the sections on ITSM (IT Service Management). Please pay close attention to ISO 2000 procedures. ITIL defines Change Management as "A Process to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality, and consequently improve the day-to-day operations of the organization." I also suggest that you implement a CAB (Change Advisory Board) as well as proper RFC's (Request for Change) Which should outline 1. The change to be implemented 2. The Back out plan 3. At what point a change is considered to have failed and the back out plan put into effect. The rest of the IT world does this and it works great!
  2. Brooke Linden, I dought that you will read this but I would like to toss a few things you way. Something to think about. Key word filtering does not work and should NEVER be suggested as a solution to a problem like this. The person who suggests it should be FIRED!!!! You see, back about 10 years ago AOL decided to do some key word filtering and to remove everything from there network that was not kid friendly. So they created a big list of BAD words, ran the filter, and deleted all the adult stuff. However, in there zeel to be "Kid Friendly" they added the word breast. I am sure they thought it was as bad as t*t, or b**b, what they did not think of was all the ways this word could be used. So away went the "Breast cancer support group" and the "Breast cancer survivors group". Now to my second point, I have a teen daughter as well as a brother that is a teen. From talking to them I can say that your "Adult Verify" system is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. It would seem that EVERY TEEN out there is well aware that your system will adult verify them provided they look up the information of a dead celebrity and enter it. Every teen I know that is on the grid has an adult verified account. So, from my point of view most of what you are trying to do is a waist of time. It has been tried by many companies and no one has ever gotten it to work right. Most give up and go to simply asking "Are you over the age of 18" If they say yes, they get adult access. If it is a teen and they lied to you, it is not your fault, you asked. They also give the people the tools to self regulate. Then kick and ban the troublemakers who repeatedly violate the rules.
  3. Ai Velde wrote: I changed everything. I changed the name, I changed the image, I changed the description, I changed the keywords. Nothing fixes it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It keeps going right back to adult even when it's a bare ass listing. Seems I am having the same issue. I can not make stuff like my 1 prim camp fire or my wooden crates with sit animation anything other that Moderate. Looks like my statment of "Wold work great in a gorean or Medieval setting" gets it flagged and once flagged you can not adjust it down to the PG setting. LL, We are adults here. No need to treat us like kids. We can read the rules and adjust our goods to the approprate levels! Ai Velde wrote: I give up. LL doesn't want me to have a business, fine. It is not that LL doesn't want you to have a business, it is that LL tends to hire young people who have no understanding of business and no understanding of how the real world works. They do not understand what it takes to make a business run and some even see SL as nothing more than a game. It was obvious when they were going to add a 99L listing charge to free items and the Linden stating it kept saying things like "It is only a .33 cent charge, I dont see why everyone is so upset." It is even obvious with these changes. LL made a change that effected every business on the market place. It effectivly took your stock and hid it from the bulk of the people viewing the site. No concern for the impact of such a change on the business owner, no worries as to the dammage it could cause. No thought beyond "Think about the children" LL, Let me put this into prespective. I have been sim shopping for the last week. I stopped today after seeing what you did. I am not sure I want to buy a full sim now. I am not sure it will be woth the money.
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