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  1. connections to the inner sea are starting to show
  2. iv'e got some free ship's on the to do list as well so new and old residents wandering down our way will have something fun to do. maybe it'll improve the sl new player experience too who knows.
  3. i'm getting pretty excited for this linkup to happen and trying not to get too far ahead of myself. i imagine its not too far out in the future since the foundations of the bridge are there?
  4. we're not really picky down here either way as long as everyone's having fun probably something more like this id guess? maybe a few give or take to smooth it we've been brainstorming some ideas for our port. the current setup makes it somewhat difficult to design a port for ships that get up to 100m to navigate. we did consider asking to have guadal moved at one point. but that was far before SSP came to light
  5. the coastal route marked in red. some of the land along the coast is not protected land meaning it needs a few more sims to go around it and that's not even counting Subak. to connect Subak would mean 19 sims. however id be happy with either as long as Guadalcanal got water access. which would be 20 sims. and slightly pushing our luck
  6. one sim wide is plenty and forms a buffer for those making the crossing. besides no reason to ask for more than whats needed.
  7. @Patch Linden I made a grid map of the northern jeogeot area. came up with about 17 sims to link the central sea. this is the least amount of sim's to do it and it would let us rework both Tulagi/Guadalcanal into a larger port while also functioning as a gateway to the rez area. ✌️😃
  8. i flew out to the land bridge last night. you can sort of make it there if you fly the linden roads from jadu but its not easy i counted the void spaces and came up with it being 20 sims. while SSP is 24 Tall?
  9. if they patch some holes along the coast it could open up a lot of coastal land for future air/sea ports and get the labs more land sales in the area too
  10. Hoping that's the case, the location of Guadalcanal only allows for port access on our main sim. if the waterway runs to subak along side us we would be able to make use of both sims for ports which would be somewhere between ideal. and the greatest thing anyone has ever done for us! fingers crossed
  11. we noticed the sims appear today too and have been keeping an eye on things as they unfold. everyone in the jeogeot gulf is excited and hopeful for good things
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