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  1. As have read that LL is again trying to move SL out to the mobile phone arena. This was tried in past with not very good results. But as we all know technology advances especially in the mobile phone industry. Yes we now have what is called 5G but is it still able to handle the complexities of SL? The carriers are touting 5G of course supposedly much better and maybe in a perfect setting it is. Mobiles suffer from latency issues as well as speeds which typically run from 7 - 43 Mpbs. Also tower connections and Band sharing as shown in Xfinity ad for those that have tried T-mobiles touted home Wifi. But does everyone have 5G? So how will LL make this new App available and work across not only 5G but also 4G ? Will adjustments be made to the platform to accommodate the mobile app? Will this tend to degrade the overall performance of those who don't use the mobile App? What advantage dose a mobile App have? Does it more solidify the idea that SL is really only a game? I know many questions that maybe need answers. Not sure they will all be. Only time will tell.
  2. Thanks for reply. I was trying to understand the workings between pipes and unacked data. In continuing to service the lower end of PCs and the introduction of Second Life mobile viewer it seems second life rendering has degraded or just the limits of UDP. Sort of backlog data waiting to enter. So was wondering if pipes or data allocation has changed. Along with the allocation of Estates on CPUs and how traffic is allocated.
  3. Does Second life use Pipes in it's network (Servers) to communicate? If it does what type of Pipes are used how can this effect communication (data)and has this changed recently? Thanks
  4. Have read some of those open threads. None seem to address the issues nor answer what this means to music in Second Life.
  5. In looking at this new and upcoming presence in SL one wonders how this will effect all the music that is performed in Second life. From DJ playing music to live performances of songs along with tribute bands etc. Will Linden start looking at whether these people will need to have a performance license? Will this "partnership" start to restrict how music is presented in Second life? For those who receive $L for presenting music in SL does this create issues? I have heard that issues with music occurred in IMVU . One has to purchase music to listen to that music. So will streaming music be shut down.? Will people be willing to pay for membership and land fees etc. on top of having to pay for all the music? Lets see how this pans out for Linden and for Second life as a virtual world.
  6. Hello thanks for information. To answer some of your questions. My packet loss is almost always 0%. My frame rate varies of course depending on where I am but would say in most calm areas I run on average 30 - 40 fps at ~ 200 m draw. Sim ping also varies 85 - 120 on average. I am hard wired to router my speed test from east coast to Oregon (Portland) runs 91 ms ping 600 Mbps download 88 ms ping upload 23 Mbps. What I am noticing is just standing in one area the unacknowledged data goes from 0 to sometimes 1200- 1500. What I am wondering has the way the servers are setup in talking to the client changed as to how the pipes are used? I am not experiencing packet loss that has been 99.5% of the time 0. Sometime back the issue of avatar rendering was a problem I think Linden supposedly moved this to server side. Recently many have noticed that the old "orange cloud" has returned where it is all that one sees for sometime until avatar appears. Also I was wondering how much difference there is between SL viewer and Firestorm. Firestorm uses a Cache system to supposedly help not sure if SL viewer has cache. One would think that storing data in cache would help with the issue. Does it? Thanks again for helping. I am getting a better understanding but not sure if SL is getting worse or my computer is issue or something else. I am pretty sure its not my network.It's a rendering problem which involves the viewer "talking" with the server through "pipes" over network and it seems that unacknowledged data is varying a lot along with "orange clouds" .🥺
  7. When moving around different places in SL from single estate sims vs. large joined estate sims I look at Total Unacked data statistics occasionally using FS viewer. From what I read on this it reflects: The size of the reliable packet data sitting on the server waiting to be acknowledged. A large number may indicate a thin pipe or other possible problems between the viewer and the simulator. What I would like to understand is this on Viewer side or Server side if one experiences LARGE (>1000Kb or more) Unacked? What is meaning of thin pipe? Does this occur because of ones type of computer used and/or internet settings? The reason I am asking this is I have noticed what seems like slower rendering all over Second life. So is it me ? or are the servers just not handing off (waiting to be acknowledged) ? Has the pipe line thinned ? Is there a differences between SL VIewer and Firestorm viewer as it relates to Unacknowledged data? Any Information on this would be appreciated. 🙂
  8. With the news coming out of the banking industry in California one wonders: Where does LL keep their capital income? Let us hope that it wasn't invested in Silicon Valley Bank 😉 SVB was a key player in Tech and Venture capital markets. This maybe just the start of risky ventures that have taken place over the years and now the collapse has begun. Will there be more banks to feel this impact? Let us hope the Linden Research has been a better player in the market.😁
  9. Okay I wrote this as sort of a tongue in cheek 😋 because,as I see from replies, people are seeing more CLOUDS ( color really doesn't matter ). So I believe something has changed. As for the trade off for better something not sure. I think also that more "scanning" is being done. Linden research I imagine fights with all sorts of hacking and Firestorm is now checking ones connection when one seeks info on their Wiki. I have no knowledge of SL's Main viewer I have never used it after the famed SL 2.0 roll out way back when. Network traffic is getting larger and caches are as well. Has the use of cache or how it's used been changed? Is the connection be throttled? All I know is the virtual world changes and I guess we will change with it. Thanks all for input am glad it's not my imagination running wild again.😉😂
  10. Okay it seems that orange clouds are again on the rise. Why we are yet to determine. This was supposedly solved by placing the avatar rezzing on the server side long ago. So now that these orange blobs seem to be on the rise I suggest Linden gives us a heads up as to WHO is that orange cloud appearing before us. ( for those who do not use names above heads 😉). I would ask Linden to designate PINK clouds for female designate and BLUE for male designate. For the neutrals or other not desiring gender ORANGE can be still be used. Lets get these clouds designated. 😁
  11. As some know Elon Musk has asked about Bots/Fake accounts for Twitter. One wonders why should this matter. One might suppose it indicates the health of a business or maybe in twitter's case the effects these may have on it's content and platform. As one wanders about Second life, which by the way is the largest area in multi-verse, one notices "avatars" just standing around in various poses. Also when one logs in, as everyone needs to do assuming one logs out, you see the statistics of how many are "in-world". How many are really "in-world"? Are there ones who never log out? ( of course except for the dreaded sim restarts). But then there are those who will just be sent to another place to stand. Are there "avatars" created for just that purpose? Spawned every so often to keep the count of those "in-world" a healthy level? So when Elon questions Twitter what is the purpose? Twitter states that they are only about 5 % of those accounts. Really? Will the real data come forth? So what is the "real" in-world count for Second Life and the percentage of these "zombies"? Does it matter to the business? Question that maybe Elon may get. Will the statistics of Second Life ever appear again? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Thanks Coffee appreciate your input. I also hope that as the word "metaverse" starts spreading that maybe LL will start to tinkering. But they have Rosedale to bounce off of to maybe help 😉 Not sure if micro would be applicable but interesting. Lets hope that this would be the next great project that LL will take on. 👍
  13. Ok as I thought BUT code could be written so that knowing where the ONE sim is in the region code then a sim (chunk) could be sized (512 X 256) so that it exists as one region within the same location. One wonders if the massive engineering project would take as much time as was spent on Sansar? Opensimulator code is complex but I believe there are engineers that could accomplish the task. 👍
  14. Ok here's an idea for Linden. When two private estate sims are joined how about eliminating the sim boundary? Now I say two sims because the idea of joining more becomes i think a challenge though still possible.In effect this would allow more freedom in use of the sims. As for prims I suppose the two regions (known as VAR) could consolidate. So is this possible? If not why not? Thanks
  15. I can not seem to find this legacy search. Reading the link doesn't really tell much. I assume that the search screen one uses now is the newest features that we now have since last update. I still think the drop down is useless item that needs to be done away with. 👍😉
  16. The homestead prim limit was raised from 3,500 to 5,000 prims not too long ago. Very unlikely it will be raised again any time soon. Yes but if I remember correctly Full sims were raised from 15,000 to 20,000 also. Then LL allowed those regions to buy EXTRA 10,000 prims. So my point is why don't they allow Homestead users to do the same???
  17. We all know LL has offered extra prims (of course for $L) so NOW is the time for LL to offer same for Homesteads! Knowing a a little about server side this can be done and I think would add additional revenue to Lindens coffers.😉 So lets here why this can not be done OR better yet why it should be done for ALL the homestead owners/renters out there. Let the discussion begin and hopefully LL will move in this direction. 👍
  18. Since Firestorm has switched to LL search I noticed that when one types in search bar one gets a constant BLUE drop down box.This blue box a supposedly helpful tips is a nuisance. Can LL please have a setting menu that allows one to turn off this box?? If one does not know how to do a search have a button that opens a window so one can read to understand how to write in search NOT a blue drop down that blocks the first item in search! Hopefully someone in LL will read and pass along.Thanks
  19. Is it possible? (by the way glad you got picture since the world map has not worked properly since "uplift") A picture does not reflect an issue. Who introduced mesh? Rigged items? Bento bodies? BOM? etc. All skewed toward creators. IF you are going to introduce such things be prepared for the effects they cause is all I am saying. I still do not know how many "sims" are allocated to a server. Has moving to AWS helped the people of SL? Who benefits? When LL first started there was good transparency about metrics. Over time it has become more of a black box. Why? SO yes is it possible ...for a select few it maybe but what about all the others? One wonders IF SL did not have $L transferable what would this world look like.
  20. LL sells Private regions. One pays $349 US and $229 a month. LL states : Max. avatars 100. One rarely sees this happening in-world. In fact in most cases lucky to get to 50 - 60 before severe issues arise. I think it's about time LL admits that this statement be corrected. People need to know that the servers LL uses will not handle what the state. How LL allocates FULL sims maybe the issue. It is hard to find any information about this. Is a FULL estate given a dedicated server? Or is it just give a thread or core? Is there a LIMIT on what a "sim" can do? Now LL has moved SL to AWS servers what are they paying for this? They say they did this so SL will run more smoothly. Or did they do this because how they assign "sims" to each serve keeps cost down?. If one was to look at other open sim worlds the amount of prims and avatars are quite large. Search around and see. And their cost is much lower. For the price paid for a FULL in SL for a sim one would think that a FULL sim here in SL would run like a dream. So does one think that going to AWS was to help SL "run" better? Cutting cost is OK and we did see LL reduce cost of purchase and tier all I am wondering is tell the truth when it comes to what one gets for ones money. Maybe offer a range of costs depending on the service one requires. It's what AWS does. Lets see what becomes of this virtual world and what incentives LL ( which by the way was purchased by investors) can offer people. This last year has brought a lot more people into the virtual and competition is growing. So LL can we really get 100 avatars into a FULL sim? Will one be able to get additional prims IF one desires it no matter what "sim" they have? If NOT why not? What exactly was moving to AWS for? Better? or more money? The floor is open.
  21. Here is actually what brought about this acquisition: https://inews.co.uk/news/business/spac-hack-power-struggle-silicon-valley-wall-street-569880
  22. Not having read through ALL of the comments about this POSSIBLE acquisition of Linden Lab Research. Researching a bit into the two persons mentioned it all seems like normal business as usual in the corporate world. As to Linden and Second Life from the beginning LL has always held to what I call the 3 monkey policy. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Now of course over the years LL has implemented what one would call CYA policies that ALL of us has agreed to. (how many times have you signed on and clicked agree to TOS?? ). LL has been taken to court a few times over the many years and probably have the best Virtual Attorneys on retainer. (As viewed by reading the lengthy TOS that most don't read). I doubt that IF this acquisition does go through much will change at first. As many are seeing now the use of Virtual plays an even more important part of EVERY ONES life now that we have this very complex RNA virus spreading among the human race in RL. I think these individuals especially Bradford Oberwager as stated in article: Philip Rosedale said " I’ve known Brad [Oberwager] for 14 years personally and professionally, and I’m confident he will bring his passion and proven strategies to help Linden Lab achieve new heights in distribution, scale, and quality while remaining true to the original vision, creativity, and community that makes Second Life unique and special." Understands a bit about the Virtual. So lets all relax. As for the idea of MATURITY in SL. Ahh has any one checked out the INTERNET lately?? How easy it to find sexual content? It is and has been a integral part of the internet since its inception. As with pornography it is always hard to define. As the saying goes "I know it when I see it " Right... remember HUSTLER magazine anyone?? America has a long way to go in dealing with sexuality. Heck today America has a long way to deal with democracy BUT I think we'll make it. So as with Second Life we'll make it. Just think of where we might be in say 5 years. Will there be such thing as BOX stores?? Will we really need individual cars to get around?? And as some of the doom and gloom sayers here say.. we as a species will disappear and so SL. Ok stepping down from soap box. Have a GREAT rest of summer. Stay SAFE 😁 and most of all stay CALM.🤗
  23. So as we know in SL one can make many friends if they so like.A very LONG list in fact. Also one can now change their name. So lets open it up. Why ONE partner? Shouldn't that be up to each to decide? Exactly what is PARTNER? (The little box on one's front profile page). Well let's look at what LL has to say on this. There they state: Partnership is a vanity display for social purposes only. If one reads on in fact partnering does not give the partners anything EXCEPT one's name in one's profile partner box. So hey I say its time to up the vanity. I think there should be allowed MORE than one line in partner box. Now one may ask ...well how many lines?? (or partners for that matter). More than one I would answer. After that I leave it up to LL to decide. Maybe have the box as a tab so when one clicks one can see : None or a list of partners. I say lets bring the vanity out this is the 21st century and besides I see this as revenue gain for LL. it costs $10 L to partner and ...OH MY $25 L to dissolve! (not sure why that is) but maybe LL can do sliding scale EX: costs more to add more than one and of course keeping with LL dissolve policy MORE to get ride of that once cherished partner(s). So you VANITY people choose wisely your partner(s) or be prepared to pay the price. Come on people of SL let's get the VANITY display going. The floor is now open for discussion.
  24. In searching for an answer of exactly how much memory a Homestead can use or is "allowed" I was unable to get a answer. So here I am in the forum. Can anyone give an answer of how a Homestead is placed on the server? How many Homesteads on a CPU? IF multiple Homesteads are on a CPU what are the allowed memory allotments? I guess this maybe proprietary information since it seems one can not get a real definitive answer as to how this works but would be nice to have at least some idea what one is paying for here in the SL. Also to help maybe understand what and how this effects a regions lag. Thanks 😁 The floor is yours.
  25. Okay so now we have a name change game. Before we had a rise in membership fees and larger commissions on MP and buying/selling $L. Well lets try something that might generate some revenue. Lets allow the ONE time transfer of inventory. Yes there are people who have given up on accounts. Some with years worth of inventory. Ohhh spent a lot of $L in doing so. So LL lets allow those who desire to "make the change" the ability to decide to move inventory. Now there are those especially creators who would say...wtf! Nooo way. I would loose sales....this is MY creation etc etc. Ok lets look at TOS it says: " Linden Lab may, but will not have the obligation to, display, maintain, or otherwise make use of, any of your User Content, and Linden Lab may, in its sole discretion, modify, delete, or otherwise make use of User Content without notice or any liability to you or any third party. " and " Except as otherwise described in our Privacy Policy or any Additional Terms we provide to you, you agree that (i) your User Content will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and will not be returned, and (ii) Linden Lab does not assume any obligation of any kind to you or any third party with respect to your User Content. " So now that we know LL is god lets look at this idea. This would be allowed ONE TIME ONLY. At a cost AND a LIMIT as to how much one can transfer. How much...well how much would one pay to transfer say...5..8..10 thousand inventory items?? That would have to be determined. Not cheap one would think BUT within reason. As well as the number of items maybe it could be a sliding scale from 1000-10000. Remember it's a ONE TIME purchase. SO think hard before making that move. As for creators there might be a small drop in sales BUT as many know one can never have enough shoes,hair,body parts,beds,houses..etc. I think it would be OK. In fact it would maybe keep more people here in SL to get that latest house or rent that land again. So people ...waves to LL.. how about a revenue generator that just might help make Land prices cheaper and draw even more people to this STILL the biggest Virtual people content maker place on the Matrix 😁. The floor is now open for discussion. Have a great and Happy New year.
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