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  1. Is it possible? (by the way glad you got picture since the world map has not worked properly since "uplift") A picture does not reflect an issue. Who introduced mesh? Rigged items? Bento bodies? BOM? etc. All skewed toward creators. IF you are going to introduce such things be prepared for the effects they cause is all I am saying. I still do not know how many "sims" are allocated to a server. Has moving to AWS helped the people of SL? Who benefits? When LL first started there was good transparency about metrics. Over time it has become more of a black box. Why? SO yes is it possible ...for a select few it maybe but what about all the others? One wonders IF SL did not have $L transferable what would this world look like.
  2. LL sells Private regions. One pays $349 US and $229 a month. LL states : Max. avatars 100. One rarely sees this happening in-world. In fact in most cases lucky to get to 50 - 60 before severe issues arise. I think it's about time LL admits that this statement be corrected. People need to know that the servers LL uses will not handle what the state. How LL allocates FULL sims maybe the issue. It is hard to find any information about this. Is a FULL estate given a dedicated server? Or is it just give a thread or core? Is there a LIMIT on what a "sim" can do? Now LL has moved SL to AWS servers what are they paying for this? They say they did this so SL will run more smoothly. Or did they do this because how they assign "sims" to each serve keeps cost down?. If one was to look at other open sim worlds the amount of prims and avatars are quite large. Search around and see. And their cost is much lower. For the price paid for a FULL in SL for a sim one would think that a FULL sim here in SL would run like a dream. So does one think that going to AWS was to help SL "run" better? Cutting cost is OK and we did see LL reduce cost of purchase and tier all I am wondering is tell the truth when it comes to what one gets for ones money. Maybe offer a range of costs depending on the service one requires. It's what AWS does. Lets see what becomes of this virtual world and what incentives LL ( which by the way was purchased by investors) can offer people. This last year has brought a lot more people into the virtual and competition is growing. So LL can we really get 100 avatars into a FULL sim? Will one be able to get additional prims IF one desires it no matter what "sim" they have? If NOT why not? What exactly was moving to AWS for? Better? or more money? The floor is open.
  3. Here is actually what brought about this acquisition: https://inews.co.uk/news/business/spac-hack-power-struggle-silicon-valley-wall-street-569880
  4. Not having read through ALL of the comments about this POSSIBLE acquisition of Linden Lab Research. Researching a bit into the two persons mentioned it all seems like normal business as usual in the corporate world. As to Linden and Second Life from the beginning LL has always held to what I call the 3 monkey policy. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Now of course over the years LL has implemented what one would call CYA policies that ALL of us has agreed to. (how many times have you signed on and clicked agree to TOS?? ). LL has been taken to court a few times over the many years and probably have the best Virtual Attorneys on retainer. (As viewed by reading the lengthy TOS that most don't read). I doubt that IF this acquisition does go through much will change at first. As many are seeing now the use of Virtual plays an even more important part of EVERY ONES life now that we have this very complex RNA virus spreading among the human race in RL. I think these individuals especially Bradford Oberwager as stated in article: Philip Rosedale said " I’ve known Brad [Oberwager] for 14 years personally and professionally, and I’m confident he will bring his passion and proven strategies to help Linden Lab achieve new heights in distribution, scale, and quality while remaining true to the original vision, creativity, and community that makes Second Life unique and special." Understands a bit about the Virtual. So lets all relax. As for the idea of MATURITY in SL. Ahh has any one checked out the INTERNET lately?? How easy it to find sexual content? It is and has been a integral part of the internet since its inception. As with pornography it is always hard to define. As the saying goes "I know it when I see it " Right... remember HUSTLER magazine anyone?? America has a long way to go in dealing with sexuality. Heck today America has a long way to deal with democracy BUT I think we'll make it. So as with Second Life we'll make it. Just think of where we might be in say 5 years. Will there be such thing as BOX stores?? Will we really need individual cars to get around?? And as some of the doom and gloom sayers here say.. we as a species will disappear and so SL. Ok stepping down from soap box. Have a GREAT rest of summer. Stay SAFE 😁 and most of all stay CALM.🤗
  5. So as we know in SL one can make many friends if they so like.A very LONG list in fact. Also one can now change their name. So lets open it up. Why ONE partner? Shouldn't that be up to each to decide? Exactly what is PARTNER? (The little box on one's front profile page). Well let's look at what LL has to say on this. There they state: Partnership is a vanity display for social purposes only. If one reads on in fact partnering does not give the partners anything EXCEPT one's name in one's profile partner box. So hey I say its time to up the vanity. I think there should be allowed MORE than one line in partner box. Now one may ask ...well how many lines?? (or partners for that matter). More than one I would answer. After that I leave it up to LL to decide. Maybe have the box as a tab so when one clicks one can see : None or a list of partners. I say lets bring the vanity out this is the 21st century and besides I see this as revenue gain for LL. it costs $10 L to partner and ...OH MY $25 L to dissolve! (not sure why that is) but maybe LL can do sliding scale EX: costs more to add more than one and of course keeping with LL dissolve policy MORE to get ride of that once cherished partner(s). So you VANITY people choose wisely your partner(s) or be prepared to pay the price. Come on people of SL let's get the VANITY display going. The floor is now open for discussion.
  6. In searching for an answer of exactly how much memory a Homestead can use or is "allowed" I was unable to get a answer. So here I am in the forum. Can anyone give an answer of how a Homestead is placed on the server? How many Homesteads on a CPU? IF multiple Homesteads are on a CPU what are the allowed memory allotments? I guess this maybe proprietary information since it seems one can not get a real definitive answer as to how this works but would be nice to have at least some idea what one is paying for here in the SL. Also to help maybe understand what and how this effects a regions lag. Thanks 😁 The floor is yours.
  7. Okay so now we have a name change game. Before we had a rise in membership fees and larger commissions on MP and buying/selling $L. Well lets try something that might generate some revenue. Lets allow the ONE time transfer of inventory. Yes there are people who have given up on accounts. Some with years worth of inventory. Ohhh spent a lot of $L in doing so. So LL lets allow those who desire to "make the change" the ability to decide to move inventory. Now there are those especially creators who would say...wtf! Nooo way. I would loose sales....this is MY creation etc etc. Ok lets look at TOS it says: " Linden Lab may, but will not have the obligation to, display, maintain, or otherwise make use of, any of your User Content, and Linden Lab may, in its sole discretion, modify, delete, or otherwise make use of User Content without notice or any liability to you or any third party. " and " Except as otherwise described in our Privacy Policy or any Additional Terms we provide to you, you agree that (i) your User Content will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and will not be returned, and (ii) Linden Lab does not assume any obligation of any kind to you or any third party with respect to your User Content. " So now that we know LL is god lets look at this idea. This would be allowed ONE TIME ONLY. At a cost AND a LIMIT as to how much one can transfer. How much...well how much would one pay to transfer say...5..8..10 thousand inventory items?? That would have to be determined. Not cheap one would think BUT within reason. As well as the number of items maybe it could be a sliding scale from 1000-10000. Remember it's a ONE TIME purchase. SO think hard before making that move. As for creators there might be a small drop in sales BUT as many know one can never have enough shoes,hair,body parts,beds,houses..etc. I think it would be OK. In fact it would maybe keep more people here in SL to get that latest house or rent that land again. So people ...waves to LL.. how about a revenue generator that just might help make Land prices cheaper and draw even more people to this STILL the biggest Virtual people content maker place on the Matrix 😁. The floor is now open for discussion. Have a great and Happy New year.
  8. One can Terraform in second life land so why can not Waterform on water? Thanks
  9. Here's an idea. Why not make Ban Lines INVISIBLE?? Problem solved. No one sees them and when people try and enter ones parcel they run into an INVISIBLE wall! Land looks cleanno sees anything and all can happy happy hippos. I know this is possible come on Linden IF your looking for aesthetics on this brand NEW land that looks nice and clean AND still provides people with privacy and security GIVE it a try. Then see how it looks and works 😋
  10. The first is that at 6am SLT on Wed April 17th, we are going to uncheck the box on the Linden Homes estate that allows parcel owners access restrictions to be more restrictive than the estate. Meaning: no ban lines. It's our belief that with a sense of community being a main goal of Linden Homes, ban lines send the wrong message. Parcel owners can still ban troublesome individuals by name on their parcel but they will not be able to put their land in virtual lock down by restricting access to group only. Ok so let see LL advertises NEW LINDEN HOMES!. Show cases them before hand. Now NOWHERE is it stated it would different than the FIRST Linden homes except as to style and land area. Nicer homes..and MORE LAND. Sounds GREAT! Ok LETS move!! So we abandon our old LL home and grab one of the new style homes. Move in start to decorate and such. Seems nice. Setup land JUST LIKE last LL home. AND THEN BAM!!! LL SUDDENLY decides that HEyyy we want to be a KUMBAYA LOVE THY NEIGHBORS. SORRY but CAN NOT have Ban lines. Well so why NOW! Why not tell us ahead of time?? So from reading all the last HUNDREDS of comments there doesn't seem to be any one reason. BUT one thing I DO KNOW about SL ..it is: there are ALL kinds of "people" in SL. What LL is telling us is that we are to share whatever we are doing in this fancy brand new home with ALL those people. We ALL know that the PRIVACY thingy ..you know the thing that ALL land has when set: This parcel hides avatars and text chat from another parcel. You can't see other residents outside the parcel, and those outside are not able to see you. Regular text chat on channel 0 is also blocked Well that has become TOTALLY useless. So why have??? We ALL know that once one is on the Parcel it NO longer applies. Also with ability to set parcel like older LL homes one could NOT easily just cam over a sit on any sit object and invite themselves into any of your private moments in YOUR HOME. Before when the Allow Anyone was NOT set when one would try this is the message they would get : You cannot sit because you are not allowed on that land. So from again looking at ALL the hundred of posts...we are to ACCEPT a LL Security. Nice..so not sure what this will provide but if its like most securities one will still have to put up with uninvited guest landing on ones bed or sofa or wherever for a short amount of time before being "ejected" and hoping that this LL device will eject well beyond the parcel and of course they can try AGAIN ...and AGAIN and AGAIN. Until one gets the avatar's name and ADDS to BAN. Well there goes that nice intimate moment with partner or friends while one fights off UNINVITED guest. So lets say we don't mind this intrusion for the sake of BROTHERLY love. How about all the VOYEURS out there. Heck lets roam the neighborhood and stand at corner of parcel and just cam in and get whatever show maybe going on. Cause parcel Hide has become useless. Maybe one can find oneself and others appearing on a YouTube video that would be cool. So for all the Ban LINE haters. Enjoy your lets "all just get along here" at the NEW LL homes. I will watch this Forum in the future to see how this all works out. But having seen what I have seen in SL I would hedge my bets that LL will soon be getting a lot more REPORT ABUSE items then before the NEW homes were added. They better add a few more Lindens to handle the traffic. Cause once the Peeps find out about this new area of interest I am sure all sorts of ALTS will be showing up to test this wonderful brotherly love land and what it has to offer.
  11. So it seems the issue continues? or is it resolved? Some how I think the focus should be on the operation of the "Cache" file system. Since this operation varies with everyone's own system. Does adding animesh along with EEP create more issues than one realizes. How is it "cached"? I know when caehe was first looked at (2007 time frame) there was much discussion about VFS and fragmentation. Would this explain why there is random occurrences? How is the "cache" retrieved? How is it stored on each persons system? I am not a code person but over the years I have seen some pretty bad fragmentation on my HDD in past. My new system is all SDD how well does cache work on SDD? So lets hope the issue isn't buried and lets hope the coders can look at whether "new" innovations are really a benefit to the SL grid before adding. Maybe have a better input from those that use the SL grid for many years. I don't remember having a forum on whether Animesh was something the grid wanted or needed? Again what has it brought to the table that has IMPROVED the grid? Not sold more stuff but improved the overall performance, ease of use. Allowed users with less powerful systems to enjoy the grid as a lot of those with do. Same for EEP. So lets learn from this and keep SL grid going. It DOES have a LOT to offer never forget those who have worked to keep it that way and hopefully bring more in who won't get frustrated over fancy stuff or "virtual" reality that isn't going to happen.
  12. We shall see Whirly. As of yesterday I still "crashed" or "disconnected" however we want to call it. There is an issue and it ONLY happens when tries to TP. Seems it should be easy to understand since tping has been around long time and worked fine (most of the time) until a few months ago.
  13. I understand some of the Jira that was created for this issue. What amazes me is no basic logic used to work this problem out. Instead people send messages to the Jira trying to replicate the problem or people write and blame peoples systems.! Just because YOU haven't had the issue doesn't mean it isn't happening! Seriously..it IS a problem. Now lets look back at when this appeared as a problem or at least started to creep across the grid . Until the roll out of Animesh and this thing called EEP there where few messages about "crashes" or "disconnects" reported. Also I notice that when one crashes or gets disconnected ones avatar "reverts" back to what one was wearing prior to this or apparel disappears. Could this be something to do with inventory moving within the viewer? Inventory is stored on server and that is a HUGE amount and getting bigger all the time. So what has happened in the last couple months that started this? It happens only when one TP's. I have not looked at whether it happens more often when changing servers..ie: Second life main to Bluesteel..or LeTigre to Magnum etc. Sadly it seems we are reverting backwards not forward in the grid. I know we get spoiled from the days when crossing a sim one would "crash"or "disconnect" but it does seem things are introduced into the Grid that really are not tested well before. Before Animesh was introduced I saw some articles about whether it was really a good thing and what load it would put on the Grid. Why it was needed and what it really served as a purpose in SL. Then out of now where suddenly we NEED stars and improvement in the sky? What is EEP? Why?? do people really look at that sky that much and one needs a fairly good system to appreciate it anyway. Ok...so lets borrow some engineers from Sansar and please get this issue resolved we know it can be done because it was FINE for years.
  14. "it happens, things fail, it's the nature of the beast when you run a huge environment like SL, remember this is an active product in development since 2003, some of it is old and legacy and can not be easily redone. " One might remind everyone that it COULD be redone and made better IF instead of wasting money on SANSAR LL could have started a bigger and better platform for ALL SL residents. Back in the "day" people put up with bad platform because it didn't cost a lot. Land was free , nobody knew what the price of $L was going to be and when one was able to login it was fascinating just to see what everyday people were making and doing. So now that we have a "mature" business lets see if LL will really support it or just limp along till "Virtual Reality" of the great and wonderful OZ (SANSAR) comes out from behind the curtain to tell us it really isn't that great.
  15. Now that Linden Lab has upped the fee for buying $L I was wondering if this increase has helped SL. We know that LL increased prims to lands and they reduced charges to land owners. So are all the buyers of $L absorbing the cost of these "improvements"? We see most improvements coming from creators in SL does the increase in fee help them? It is interesting that long ago Linden Lab used to publish data on all sorts of things about second life statistics that stopped so we really have no idea whether second life is profitable or things have improved. We do know that Sansar project has probably used up a bit of money. Are we now paying to recoup that monies? has moving the "grid" to the cloud resources saved money? And has this degraded the performance of the system or improved it? So exactly what has this $0.50 increase in buying $L done for the everyday person in second life or what is this increase for? The floor is open for discussion.
  16. Greetings Whirly. Yes I do believe there is a bug going around groups. Interestingly enough the groups that effect me as to group call and those in those groups are groups that are NOT open to join. So I am not sure if "open" groups are effected since I have not tried making a open group call. What I did notice is that as I moved from one group to another because one would not group call the other groups also stopped working and giving the same error message. So maybe there is something corrupting the code or when one doesn't log out of a call in group the call "hangs" therefore not allowing it to be called again. The names of the groups effected so far for me are: Persharena , House of Sedia, Wirefly House and Reepers Children MC Thanks for your reply and I wish you all good luck on this one. I am sure with you and all the Lindens working along with vivox you'll have it solved in no time ;D
  17. Hello Tommy. I appreciate your response. To answer your question no I have not tried the "official" viewer so I can not say if the issue happens there. Is there some reason why the 3rd party viewer would act differently with vivox ? I am using Vivox 4.6.0017.22050 I imagine that the "official" viewer uses the same. Does the number of groups effect its use? Again thanks for your response. In response to Alwin I find that group voice chat is nice tool when in areas that do not allow voice so friends I am with we can chat instead of type Yes we be lazy..lol. and for some who find typing hurts or are not able to voice comes in handy.
  18. Has anyone else noticed or has issues with group calls using Firestorm? It seems no matter what group is tried when making a call a message appears stating an error has occurred. Is this an issue with the viewer? Do people using SL viewer have this issue doing group voice? I know there has been issues recently with LL and Vioxx is there a limit as to how many can connect to the network because it seems to happen when "Inworld" population gets near the 45-50000 mark. Thanks and my the SL gods smile upon you favorably
  19. No theses avatars are playing the games. I have seen what you refer to and know that exists. Maybe LL allows these IF they are registered to owner though isn't that stacking odds toward owner in Games of Skill??
  20. I have noticed recently that when Second life InWorld population reaches close to 50,000 service begins to degrade. Login issues as well as voice. One wonders is there starting to be a limit as to how many avatars can be InWorld without some degradation of service? Next times there's issues check the number and see.
  21. Ok I sometimes visit the various gaming places in SL. When there I often notice, no matter what gaming place I go to, that there are avatars there with NO payment Info on File. Now when I read Linden's Official gaming policy i see this: Only users that meet the criteria for Skill Gaming are permitted to access Skill Gaming Regions and participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life Have current billing information on file Are at least 19 years of age Do not reside in a prohibited state listed below Are not connecting from a prohibited state Right at top is" have current billing information on file". Now am I missing something or not understanding. Is this the same as Payment Info on File in avatar's profile? Is this policy just random or does it matter? Just wondering how policies work in Second Life. Thanks.
  22. Banning seems to be the way with Funsie. I also care for two Funsie though not the "owner" since it only seems right that the "mother" should be. In my case Funsie was asked if a skin change could be made to one of the children. The owner was told they could for $2000 L. So the funsie child was given to them for the change and when child was returned it was not the same size. When asked what issue was she was told it is correct size for her age. When shown the other child who was 8 months younger but larger in size I was told that he was stretched. NO he was not touched and then was told that sometimes when handling and SL is laggy they may get stretched. I find this preposterous! After complaining that the first child should be made to size when given was then told that if I thought we would get a re-size for FREE then NO way. After much banter I was finally banned from Funsie land and group.Trust me these people are only in it for the money. Avoid at all costs because troubles can onyl be resolved by such methods.
  23. This is getting more frequent. Somehow I think something is going on with LL server side. When one crashes its like ...BAM! Very much like a swarm. DDoS here we come. Someobdy out there doesn't like us ....hmmm wonder who that might be and what purpose do they have in mind.Tune in...ohh wait can't do that....
  24. Hmmm I heard that it was because it was raining in the cloud. Shorted all the servers.
  25. Surprising I thought it would take off..guess not. From what I can tell LL has what I call three monkey policy: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. If one follows that premise should be OK. This topic gets about as much taboo as Copy Bots...
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