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  1. do : Ctrl, Alt, R , that will fix the problem, if not, try to taking off all the stuff your avatar is wearing , and wear them all back again. bye
  2. No hay modo, pero las palabras son pocas y facil de aprender , para traducir facil usa Google http://translate.google.com.pe/translate_t?hl=&ie=UTF-8&text=All+your+preppy+clothes+%0D%0A&sl=en&tl=es have fun.
  3. Hola , fijate en tu account , en Transaction History quien recibio el dinero, se puede rastrear toda operacion por un codigo . kellynataly twine
  4. Hi , have "payment info used" in my profile , but can't operate a DEAL S machine, I even bought lindens last week to check if my payment info was updated. The creator of the DEAL S machines, kain Cleaver, told me to ask support ,and I did ..., no answer yet. Can anybody help me? , Am I the only one having this trouble? Thanks kellynataly twine
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