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  1. I'm in Lima Peru South America, and have always bought lindens using my Credit Card from "Master Card" and lately using Paypal. But since last week it doesn't let me. at the end it says "There was a problem charging your payment method". Can anybody help me ?. I have tried everything , and even I have updated my billing info with an ID and an utility bill.

  2. I have not change anything on my computer , the speed of the connection is 4,000 kb and have a Core 2 PC with 1G video card using Window XT. Since I started on SL 4 years ago I have been able to listen to Sound, Music Stream and Voice perfectly feeling also almost no lag. But the last 2 week everything is going bad, lag , disgusting music sound quality and the same problem listening Voice from other avatars.
    I use FireStorm , have tried changing to SL viewer but the same problem. Outside SL I can listen Youtube with no problem and perfect quality , also on Skype. So it is just SEcond Life.
    Please how can I fix it or it is a momentary problem?, I have asked inworld to others if they have the same kind problem, some says a little, other says nothing is wrong.
    I am Located in Lima Peru South America , Does it have something to do with the location?
    and kisses

    I have check the speed of my connection using the link given here  and it is ok .

    Also I have copy and past from my land the Music Stream link into my computer and the sound is great. Only when played into Second Life the sound is so bad.

    What could it be ? .

    But definitely it is not my Connection and comp. Other wise I wouldn't be able to play the same stream directly from my computer with high quality sound.

    Can anybody help me?.


  3. 5 is the maximun number. But you can use another internet  conection and make more, each with a different email address.

    The question is why you need to make so many? , and if your computer and internet conection can handle them all at the same time.

    Maybe to make money camping or use them as Models in a store.

    what is really useful is to have at least two one as a Banker to keep your money safe and another for every day interaction with other members.

    hope you have fun.


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