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  1. Marianne, thanks so much for these links! I agree, it's much easier to follow the steps in written form. These are very well done, just what I needed.
  2. Ayashe, you are such a sweetheart. Your advice to Marigold touched me, I couldn't agree more. And it was some earlier advice from you that helped send me down this path of advanced avatar customization..lol. It really has opened up a whole new world, experimenting with the fantasy/sci-fi themes. I appreciate your offer to help. I think just giving it a little rest is all I need to get my information straight. Hopefully attempting again with a fresh set of eyes will clear things up. Maybe I've just been trying too hard, like information overload. On the other hand, I do agree with Sid, it does seem like improvements could be made to these systems to make them easier (and more fun) for people. Early on I realized that I was never going to pursue building, because I was not willing to apply myself to learning how to make mesh. It just became a little out of reach for the casual player. So, having resolved myself to making use of all of the amazing things others have created, I've been happy just putting various pieces together and expressing myself that way...but it's becoming so cumbersome that it is getting overwhelming, like the idea of building. Okay, maybe that's not quite a fair comparison but just saying...does SL want to appeal to the average casual player anymore? Why am I playing a game like it's my job?! LOL. Also, thanks Paulsian! I appreciate the pointers and I like your suggestion about how to organize the body and head folders. My inventory is a mess of failed "outfits" right now and that's also confusing matters.
  3. Thanks for hearing me out and for the encouragement. It's good to know I'm not alone in the struggle! And admittedly, my patience has been wearing down a bit. My SL has become more complicated since I started trying to improve my photography skills, and have been trying to make more complex characters for that purpose. So I've been doing a lot of switching heads, bodies and skins...I think life was much easier when I was just changing clothes and hair! And yes, as Alwin pointed out, thank goodness there are tons of good people making tutorials and I have been watching tons of them. The only trouble is the ever-changing versions of the viewers, bodies & heads...even trying to duplicate the steps in the tutorials is not always as easy as that. SL has always had a steep learning curve, and I used to enjoy learning...I mean, I still enjoy learning but I guess it's just getting a little overwhelming. I think maybe I need to pace myself or step back for a bit. But you invest in these new tools with the hope it will all come together...so you can get back to the creative stuff that is the main reason I'm still here. I guess having all of these new customization tools comes with a price!
  4. I hope you guys will pardon me for a bit of a rant, although it comes from a place of love and genuine concern about the future of SL. But OMG has second life ever become confusing! I guess I should start out here by stating, I am not a noob. I've been in SL more than 13 years. So you would think I could navigate all of the new developments . I'm usually a quick study, I know how to search for answers....but I swear, I am hitting one wall after another when it comes to even something as simple as getting dressed anymore. My bom body skin doesn't show up on my legacy body. I remove alpha's...and select Bakes On Mesh, and then my eyes don't show up. Suddenly, my whole head doesn't show up, when the "outfit" worked perfectly only yesterday. I downloaded the black dragon viewer because I love to take pictures...but whoops, ever since, my neck and collarbone are black. I tried to correct it with the legacy neck-fix...unsuccessfully, and have since not been able to find any way to remove the "neck fix" color, even after re-applying my skinnery body BOM. I've clicked the eraser on the lower right of the screen again and again, but it is not removed. I started fresh with a re-delivery of my classic body. I copied display settings from someone who seemed very knowledgeable on youtube...in case it was a viewer issue, to no avail. I cleared the cache. It just seems like a constant struggle, every step of the way. While I do appreciate the advancements that are surely better than the olden days...I shudder to think about what a new person, just logging into SL would have to contend with today. If I am struggling, with a fair amount of knowledge and years of experience...how on earth would a new person navigate all of this?
  5. I was just able to get in-world to test these suggestions, worked like a charm! Thanks so much, everyone, for your help.
  6. So, I have a group-owned parcel that I would like to invite my alt to join, to be able to rez and such. When I send the invite, my alt receives it and clicks "join" but then it just poofs. I'm not seeing the typical window that comes up when joining a group, and the group is not showing up in my groups tab. I've tried sending the invite from two different alts with "owner" privileges.. with the same result. Is this a glitch? Or could I possibly be missing something? Thanks!
  7. Just peeking in with some updates since I noticed others are following this thread...I checked out Nick0678's tip on Lure Skins, they don't support Legacy/Lel but there is a beautiful group gift, "The Grayskin" for Slink, Catwa, Maitreya & Belleza. I've gotta send some big thankful hugs to Ayashe once again, for the tip on the free 350l EscalateD giftcard at shop n hop! Loves me some free hair MrsSeren had the tip on Elemental...I've got to say, as much as I love the Velour bodies, I think Elemental's "Aria Fantasy Skin" is the prettiest shade of blue..(if you like blue) and the face is beautiful! They have other colors of course, I'm just partial to the blue. I'm still checking out all of the other suggestions. Just wanted to check in with my progress thus far, lol. BTW, Ya'll are killing my wallet here, LOL. But I love it
  8. Totally forgot about The Stringer Mausoleum, great idea! Thanks again, everyone, for the awesome suggestions. Exploring all of these new places and ideas for creative styling...it's like it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I had not considered layering tattoos over skins for a textured effect, or adding headpieces, for example.
  9. Thank you so much for your help Ayashe!! So many great ideas here that I hadn't even considered. I really appreciate your thoughtful response and the effort you put into it. I'm excited to explore the possibilities
  10. Could anyone offer some suggestions for shops that have high-quality Sci-Fi or Fantasy themed skins? I'm thinking, non-human skin tones , or highly realistic character skins...preferably that are compatible with Lelutka mesh heads and Legacy body appliers. Also looking for complimentary eyes and hair...I think most hair shops offer unnatural colors, but if anyone has tips on where I might find something really unusual, it would be much appreciated! I am working on a video project and am going for bold aesthetics. Thanks!
  11. I see. Makes sense in a business way I guess...but yes, not convenient for consumers. I need to learn more about BOM. I feel so totally out of the loop after being gone for a year or so! Alls I wanna do is wear my cool tatts!
  12. Why on earth would Legacy not want to be compatible with the Omega System? They went to all the trouble to make fit deformers for Maitreya. Just seems odd.
  13. I've been away awhile, but am excited to update my spankin' new legacy bod! Looking for Omega appliers for Legacy on the MP, I found nothing. But seems to be an omega relay system for every other obscure thing! Seems like Legacy is pretty popular atm, would think there would be something there. Am I missing something?
  14. OMGosh Fritigern, I cant thank you enough for solving the mystery of the white circle. Now if only you could find my missing torso I would be forever grateful, lol. For real, ty so much. /me feels dumb. *edit for typo*
  15. I'm also not able to log in. I figured it was due to the unscheduled maintenance, but since some people are able to log in and others aren't, I thought I should add my name to the list. I was logged in earlier, and started having performance issues, tried to relog, and could not get back in. Update: Resolved
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