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  1. We, since already establish that Emerald(Greenlife) Viewer is not illegal. As for the ppl who are collecting names of Emerald user and reporting, she is filing *Frivolous Abuse Report*, which drains LL's already severely limited resource. Maybe you should report her as AR abuse. Any reseidents should understand that AR, sometimes, is not the best option to solve certain problems. Always, first try to use *self governance tools*---which means that you *ignore the problem and mind your own business*. In this case, this individual knowingly creating unnecessary problem by going around griefing people with unfounded and incorrect assumption. That itself could viewed as abuse. The best course of action to deal this type of individual is to remove yourself from the presence of that person. (TP may be easy enough solution) Do no engage in stupid, time consuming argument. Unless you are too bored to waste your own time.
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