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  1. Second Life is so much more than a game, or a business, or a program.

    For so many people - it is a living connection to the whole world.

    A way to travel and meet people from all over the world, to places no airline could ever take you.

    A way to connect with others and enjoy so much more than can be found in the physical world.

    Thank you Treacle Darlandes for sharing your special times spent with Djduerer Zou, and thank you to his family for helping him enjoy his time in second life.  May Christmas Blessings follow from our world to the Spirit of Djduerer.

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  2. Murdered.     Linden Labs just murdered educators right off of second life.

    Because you need to make that announcement 1 year in advance for non-profits and universities. 

    Making this change in the Middle of the budget means universities CAN NOT change the budgets already set in place.  And since the dollars can't go up, they can only go down - the accounts have to be cancelled outright.

    Wow, just Wow, just - that's it, and places like the University of Texas are pulling out - that's 50 sims going to vanish. 

    Two of Three Japanese Sims I enjoy are gone - today.  And their last Sim they can only keep open for another year.

    Linden Labs dropped 300 employees,  closed the U.K. Office and let go those employees, now increases the pricing.  Killing the golden goose has never been easier.

    What is going on?

    WHY is Linden Lab's Management so completely disconnected from the Customer base?

    PLEASE - The Leaders of Linden Labs need to get some new leadership - focused on the customer's experience.  The competition is getting better and better - and well, It's a shame things from Second Life can't easily be copied over to  other sims.

    People generally are going to pick 1 vWorld to play in, maybe 2 if you count Sims and WoW.

    It is sad to see people leave second life, and regions once fun to enjoy - go red - off line - gone.

    Farewell, Avatars United

    Second Life is fun to explore and meet people.   If SL  teams up with other Virtual Worlds such as UrU Myst Online, The Sims, etc. - It could expand as the best place to build and develop your very own space.

    Now with the closing of the UK office today, will Second Life still be available to E.U. members?

    SL seems to be shrinking when by all means it should be growning!  Please Linden Labs, do not run SL into the ground.  Please work toward expanding your new userbase, improving overall stability and service, and maintaining the world for your paying customers - who pay in real currancy to play in your virtual world.

    Thanks for all the great work you have done so far and I look forward to your next great accomplishments!

  3. I just wanted to say - people who have run successful sim locations for more than 6 months should get a 10% discount, and for more than a year 20% and more than 2 years running - 25% off their Linden Lab Fees.   I have only been here a few months myself, but quite a few of my LM links go to places now Gone.  It is not good that fun places just vanish, or people who put a ton of time into building up someplace - can not keep it going.

    By offering a discount for long term Sim owners -  Linden Labs encourages more stability and helps keep good parts of Second Life up and running.

    I have heard from more than a few people that they dropped their island or closed their sim because quite simply it didn't make money and they couldn't afford to keep it running at a loss.

    For other people, they build up a fun play area - with no intention of profit - just art / play / exploring - but they have to close it after a time because they can not keep paying the high fees.  LL should encourage long term residents and high producing creatives and land owners to stay with second life.  Economics isn't just a measure of the money bouncing around - it is a measure of people's interest in the V-world, playing there and meeting people there and having fun in Second Life.   When they log in and find whole island just Gone - that is no fun at all...

  4. Display Names MUST filter and block the use of other players existing names.

    Linden Labs is smart enough to know exactly why they are blocking the use of the name 'Linden'.

    A simple indexed search and comparison of existing names would ensure the safety of ALL players from imposters - not just Linden employees.   You protect your employees, you protect Linden Labs, and protect new players - why not protect the active players that drive the economy and spend Real Dollars into the Linden Labs world of Second Life?  Please BLOCK the impersonation of other player's names - people can still pick and choose any display name they like, as long as it doesn't already belong to someone else.  This is the only way to protect performers, creatives, and just everyday residents from impersonation.  Part of 'Enhancing' the play in Second Life IS Protecting the fun avatars people have already invested a great deal of time and money building up.

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