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  1. some one hack me. i lost all my money. when I see that i change my password but cant chnage my email. what i need to do???
  2. ha, I have same problem here in club Ambrosia see what i get [14:47] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Need to talk English only please [14:47] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): save that for IM [14:48] Olivetti Derryth: way, whats wrong whit my lenguare? [14:48] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Nothing but this is English speaking club only [14:48] Olivetti Derryth: realy [14:48] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): You are chatting in local and no one can understand you [14:48] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Talk in IM in your own language please [14:48] Olivetti Derryth: way [14:49] Olivetti Derryth: i can speak Croatian or Serbian where I want [14:49] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Not in here, club rules [14:50] Olivetti Derryth: sand be that rules sing by LL pleas [14:50] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): dont understand [14:50] Olivetti Derryth: if LL say that i most speak only english thats ok [14:51] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Sorry Club Rules, owner pays Lindens to do what he wants on his land [14:51] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): so not against terms of service [14:52] Sheff (sheffield.chauveau): Im not arguing with you all night, im sure you were banned previously they just want to ban me for Croatian and Serbian type in local....
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