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  1. Penny Patton wrote: I am specifically talking about content creators who sell their content as no-mod due to the mistaken beliefs described above, or due to the common practice of selling items such as furniture no-copy for no other reason than to force users to buy multiple copies. Can you tell me how to set things for sale in such a way that it would force users to buy? I would like to try that. :smileytongue:
  2. ChinRey wrote: Nova Convair wrote: - The LL viewer is not useable for building. You can try of course but all TPV's have addons that are mandantory from my point of view. I've heard some builders say similar things and I've always wondered why. I use all kinds of viewers myself under different circumstances but I never use a third party viewer for building except when I need one of those hacked prim shapes and that happens about once a year or so. The only additional feature I see any need for myself is automatic the map aligner and I simply wrote an lsl script to do that job. The oth
  3. Yeah thats what i had kinda thought but these big stores are doing it and nobody says anything about it that I seen only that one page. If LL doesnt care and the ones who made the mesh dont care and nobody says anything even when it is big stores then, meh.
  4. I have been thinking about having a store but I can't make mesh so wondered if I could just use mesh already made, and just have a marketplace store. I had thought it was not allowed to do that but someone tweated this page and it looks like it might be https://pinterest.com/OMDGSL/interesting-things/
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