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  1. Hi everybody! I found the «Second Life Project 360 Snapshot»-viewer (Mac-Version - v. and tried to use it to create a panorama.. The floating window appears and I click «Capture» 360» - it then says «Captured images - building 360 panorama» - but it's stuck at this stage forever. Any ideas why this is? Am I simply too impatient?
  2. Thanks Kyrah Guess I'll abandon the original idea I had then and just use textures. Thought it would be handy for what I'm building, but those limitations are creating a bad user experience...
  3. Hi everybody! I created a prim that shows an HTML-page using «llSetPrimMediaParams». This basically works, but I found a caveat that kinda bugs me. The HTML-Page is only visible, if the AV actually looks at it (and prims that are farther away only load when the AV comes close). Is there a way to prevent this? Means, I want the HTML-page to be loaded no matter how far the AV is from it or if she/he looks at it. It always takes a moment before the page is loaded, so first there's nothing visible and then I get a white board before the loading completes. That just doesn't l
  4. Well, the title says it. Can I play soundcloud in SL? I know I can play mp3-files when I can access them directly, but there's no single address for a file in soundcloud. Seems like they're just sending small pieces at a time to the player. Anyone having experience with this? Thanks!
  5. I can only speak for Switzerland, but I guess this is regulated equally in other countries. The radio license you need will be issued by the association of your country that represents musicians (those are usually private, but have the right to collect money). In Switzerland this is SUISA, in Germany it's GEMA and in the US it's the ASCAP. The thing is, that when you're streaming music, you're making a public performance and this entitles the musician to receive royalty fees for this performance. Since it would be close to impossible for every band or musician to collect these
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