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  1. I got it back thanks to all of you who took time to read me and to those who took time to reply ,thank you all so much!!
  2. Ty for writing to me. I never had anything like that to deal with and I did not knew LL do not reply fast or solve fast a problem. At least for me it’s a very serious problem ……… not knowing what is happening with my account – my shop…….. if it was only an account ok but its more than that…….my shop is what makes it so hard.
  3. Nothing has happened after the weekend :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( No reply from LL
  4. non of this .. my profile Fenia Nirvana is not robot for traffic [maybe i forget and sleeping yes,maybe i left it for hours yes for the reason to dont log off and log in because i can left open]and i never send message to anyone !!i am 2 halloween events inworld ,halloween town as the most known.. i have my main store and you can find me in classifields advertisent! anyway today i will wait answer from LL and i hope they response because monday coming!i hope all will goes well
  5. ohh drake really i am confused.. they never answer to my replies to take back my account.. i dontknow i follow help here and i cross fingers.. Thx you fo your answer ..
  6. Molly Thanks you so much!!!i will do all that things and i will wait now[its sunday here] and i will cross my fingers!!!Thanks you so much all for your valuable help!
  7. Thanks you for replaying!!!!i wrote this in the same ticket [ Hello!I would like to continue using this account as a scripted agent, i have stating that i reviewed the policy! ] i hope i dont loose my account tottaly! do not need to open another ticket?right?
  8. Thanks for the help i had no idea what to do, I took your advice and did it
  9. @Hello again!i am very desperate!still they dont replay to me!since they answer me a day ago i answer so quickly but they dont replay to me .. stil from yesterday i wait for their answer!why they take so long??i am in 2 halloween events in world!my main store is working!my classifields advertisment too!![i check it]i have a halloween fashion event today!!!i feel so disappointed!no answer at all!i feel terrible!@
  10. okk sorry i am freak out by all this and my eng are not that good , thanks for taking the time to read me and reply to me
  11. When i was login with Fenia i was working not sitting for traffic :((((((
  12. i did that Rolig and i am waiting to see what they will say but they have harm me so much , i waited for a reply a few days and now i get one reply per day, why they do not reply writing all the steps and they delay me so much on know why and what to do?! If the reply wrote all the steps on all the cases : if I am a bot what to do and if I am not what to do to prove I am not I will have act on it than waiting another day for a reply and hoping that this reply will be clear on the steps I need to do L(((( They are taking time to read me and they reply incomplete so I will take more of their time to reply back L(((((
  13. Sl thinks I am a bot what can I do about it? I am a creator in sl and due to the fact I could not take part to events because I was selling Halloween stuff at my main marketplace page I open a new MP to one of my alts and put there all my Halloween products. I had that alt and shop m any years and I had pay for a very good ad to classifieds, I have chat from the alt account, I was apart to events and 3 days ago, my account Fenia Nirvana was cancel. I have look repeatedly to my emails and I never got any email telling me my account will be on hold or cancel if I do not fix this or that, yes I looked to the trash –spam –but I do not have anything. As you can understand, the only time of the year that I am earing money is this month but my MP and account are on hold. I became a pay member so I can live chat with them from this account about Fenia. That’s the reply I got to my ticket: Hello Fenia Nirvana, Thank you for contacting us. Your account was placed on hold because it has been determined that your account has been engaged as a non-identified scripted agent, also known as a bot. Further information on our in-world policy on bots may be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Inworld_policy_on_bots If you would like to continue using this account as a scripted agent, please respond back to this case stating that you have reviewed the policy. Once you have done this, we will release your account back to you. When your account has been released, you will need to do the following to identify it as a scripted agent: Log into the Second Life website. Under "Account" click on "Scripted Agent Status". Change your Scripted Agent Status to indicate that you would like to have this account marked as a bot. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We look forward to your response. Best Regards, Vanessa Linden Account Specialist Linden Lab At their reply they are not telling me why they got the impression this account is a bot and what can I do to prove that Is not. How can a bot chat or upload textures or upload things to MP, or be so active paying ads or being apart to events? How on earth their Specialist got the impression Fenia account is a bot? I had a lot of earning money to the Fenia account, plus all my hard work of so many years and I got this: Warning: Even if your account is restored, the associated inventory, land, and Linden dollar balance may be unrecoverable. I want to be polite and not freak out but how can i? We are talking about years of hard work and the possible loss of a lot of earning money. Not to mention the money I am losing all those 3-4 days that my account in not available. I cannot sleep or eat , I am crying all day long. Its not just an account, an alt that I may lose what I have its my work, full perm items I pay for, money that I had. They did not consider the possibility of a mistake they are so sure my alt is a bot and I have no idea why, how this can happen and the month of Halloween that I earn money.😧😨😰😭
  14. Hello Dakota.. just you know that the problem looks to fixed.. i try to clear my browser cache and after this i refresh my page and my delete and unlisted items dissapeard from the MP Page..i think now is ok all. For any other problem i will contact you. Thanks you very much for your help bee Tizzy
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