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  1. i am already doing that but the problem is the land is deeded to their group i was hoping to actually move the prim limit around so some land would have more and still be able to be deeded.
  2. is there a way, on a private sim, to set only 1 parcel to have more prim allotment? i cant find any information on that only the object bonus multiplier which does all parcels. i am renting part of the land and need to redistribute prim allotment if at all possible.
  3. i have a mesh in blender rigged to avastar its rigged properly and moves the way i want but when i upload it its like the hand digs into the wrist, i used the same shape as SL in avastar. i tried simplifyng the mesh but it still does it. does anyone have that issue or know how to fix it?
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