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  1. There are many child avatars in SL and that is accepted. And you have to remove the word also from the description
  2. In several cases I now found out it were the words "Kind" and "Kinder" in the german keywords or description. Child in english is allowed. The term "keywords_in_all_languages " means keywords in other languages than english.
  3. It now also happens when I try edit it and activate it newly. I tried to delete the keywords, but it did not help, it still gets instantly unlisted when I try to set it to active. I even do not know what is this field "keywords_in_all_languages". There are only fields in the form for each language, not for all languages. ------------ @ Alwin *lol* so there should not be somethinmg like funny in German ??? But now i tried it with translate.google.com: lustige Bilder -> funny pictures > lustige Bilder
  4. Yesterday I got the first message reading: I looked at the product and it looks totally innocent. So what is wrong with these keywords? Keywords in the english version are: picture,decoration,party,carnival,birthday,kid,child,kids,childs,rezzday,club,celebration Keywords in the German version are: bild, Bilder,Dekoration,Party,Karnval,Fasching,Geburtstag,Kind,Kinder,Rezztag I thought: Ok, one product is banned, who cares. But today I got another 6 similar messages and 6 more unlisted products. All these products are in markeztplace for more thatn 10 years now. What can I do?
  5. By taking away my groups, you are taking away my joy. I think of leaving SL. I am a "free player", only did buy tenthousands of L$ each month. Remove premium membership and replace it by an intelligent business concept where people do not have to pay for things they do not want and do not need.
  6. I once lived on a sim with temp rezzers (they were not allowed and I had to convince my Landlady again and again to tell it to the renter). Normally they produce a peak every 50 seconds, because the objects will live 60 seconds. They are not a such problem in the case of my carps (ok, you are right, I better rez them permanently), because it is only one small vintage-prim, but if you use temprezzers for large buildings, then they produce a lot of lag. Thank you Quie for looking around on Narcisso. In the mean time I travelled to dozens of sims looking for another place to rent, but it is the same picture everywhere. If a sim is nearly empty i.e. with only 12000sqm rented and so not that many skripts), then the sim works well. But if nearly all parcels are rented, then only 60% of the scripts are executed with no other avatars being on the sim. So I do not see any chance it gets better if I move somewehre else. I also looked at homesteads and with "only" 2000 active scripts they show the same problem of "scripts blocking scripts".
  7. Thank you for all your comments, they were very helpful for me. Renting booms on the sim where I live. It is an adult sim with everybody thinking he needs a BDSM Dungeon with lots of "machines" (maybe with capturees running). Normally with nobody on the sim but me executetd script are 50%. Last night with about a dozen avatars the percentage of executed scripts sank below 30%. My Landlord thinbks the situation is normal and just closes tickets, saying "there is no permanent lag", because nowadays the lag is script lag, by stopping most of the scripts. My wardrobe does not work anymore, my holodeck system (mostly in idle state with only 7 scripted objects and rarely used) does not rez and move objects right. I have to look for a less overloaded sim and maybe a landlord that cares for this problem - any hints who may that be? THE NEW SL PROBLEM IS SCRIPT LAG By the way: At the moment I rent from Amestate. They are not aware of this kind of problems.
  8. Many of my guests argued about sim lag on the 4000sqm parcel on a fullsim when they are walking around. You walk and suddenly you are only gliding und then jump bag from where you were before starting to glide. So I wrote a note to my landlord and also tried to find out myself what is happening. First the landlord told me ther is no lag on my parcel (because they are only short peaks) The result was: Lag is normal nowaday on fullsims. The performance breaks down on evry entry of an avatar to the sim. For me this happens about 40 times in an hour. Many do not stay for long on the sim. There are seldom more than 10 avatars on the sim at the same time. But 40 walk-lags during an hour are nasty. The landlord thinks this situation is totally normal, so I got angry that he does not do anything to fix this problem. I decided to move to a better sim . And now my odyssee startet. Everywhere I looked at the sim statistics using ctrl-shift-1 and nearly everywhere if the sim wasn't empty I saw the same picture: https://gyazo.com/429df6dd5be2b6bc14f972a6048b3b5e nearly all half filled sims ar at their limits. "Spare Time" is often nearly 0. "Script Time" is very near to to "Total Frame Time", so scripts take the most part of the the total time of a sim., even if there are only 1 or 2 agents on the sim. The new "Scripts Executed" (not sure about this tag name) offen is just above 30%, that means as far as I know that 70% of all scripts are waiting to get executed again (Remember that the server stops scipts first if a sim is in danger to lag) There are a lot of questions I have, does anybody have an opinion on them? Do I see this problem right? Is this also caused by the 30% more prims, that often also contain scripts? Is it possible to get the values of "Spare Time" and "Scripts Executed" from a script to judge the lag-danger for a sim? Is there a way to get away from this lag? Are the sim owners aware of this bad situation and are there any activities on LindenLab side to solve this problem? What will happen when LindenLab also shifts the computation of graphics from the viewer to the already over strained server as is planned? In old times the problem of lag when an avatar jumps in only existed on homesteads, because more homesteads are on one cpu. Now sim lag seams to be common on a full sim
  9. It is not exactly the same as in other platforms, as here other users may buy your creations or buy your textures etc to use in their own creations and their creations would break if you removed your ones. But this is anyway just a opinion and SecondLife will not remove anything they own of value. But there is a better thread now discussing this topping at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Updated-LL-TOS-Claims-FULL-RIGHTS-to-ALL-CONTENT/m-p/2201477/highlight/true#M39836 It discusses for example the topics of LindenLab having bought Desuro and there 3D game contents shall be sold like is described in this article http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/tos-changes-the-desura-connection-and-a-personal-perspective/ And this "paranoid" thing gets more known by many people like artists who leave SecodnLife together with more and more creators and it will dry out. SecondLife is dieing as it startet before this TOS change. https://plus.google.com/u/0/101371184407256956306/posts/iGGJ3gnAhhc I hope I helped to put some focus on these new rights good bye SecondLife
  10. That LindenLab now has the right to sell all user contents also means that you are not allowed to upload any freebie texture who's commercial usage is forbidden or which are not allowed to be sold as is outside an own creation. Up to now you could have said: "I only use them in my own creations in SecondLife and will not sell them", but now you have to say "I will give them to LindenLab to sell them - that is not allowed". You have to have the full commercial rights for anything you upload now! I wonder what will happen to contents that has been uploaded before SecondLife became a place where contents is not limited to SecondLife. Can they really say "O, we use that texture uploaded before we took the right to sell, but we did not know that selling this is forbidden".
  11. Copying and processing etc. things for SecondLife is one thing - I agree they need these rights to operate SecondLife. Selling things to anybody anywhere and using them in any other own products out of your control is another thing. They do not need these rights to operate SecondLife. So why do they claim them - for not using the rights? I also care what a company like LindenLab will be able to do if SecondLife dies. They now still will have the general commercial rights on all contents for all future times and no reason not to use them. And no, it is not general verbiage on all internet sides where you upload things. Others mostly have no rights to freely sell and use your hands work. I write this here for meshes, because they are the most valuable things in SL, some of them worth hundreds of US$. They are usable in any other 3D application, be it virtual worlds, games, movies and so on. It partly also concerns textures, but they are often low resolution in SecondLife. Most other things like scripts are not usable outside SecondLife or OpenSim. So all I said is: Think about this before uploading any contents to SecondLife. You do not do it for SecondLife alone anymore, but give it for free to LindenLab to do with it as they please. I surely will think twice if I will upload a mesh I worked on for days and weeks to SecondLife loosing totally the control over its commercial use or better put it under creative commons rights excluding commercial use. Look at all these wonderful things the users created for SecondLife - did they really do it for LindenLab to sell them?
  12. Next time before you load up a mesh you may think about this: SecondLife Terms of Service [...] 2. CONTENT LICENSES AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS [...] 2.3 You grant Linden Lab certain licenses to your User Content. [...] you hereby grant to Linden Lab, the [...] cost-free right and license to [...] sell, re-sell, sublicense (through multiple levels), [...] make derivative works of, and otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content (and derivative works thereof), [...]
  13. the most important part for me is: SecondLife Terms of Service [...] 2. CONTENT LICENSES AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS [...] 2.3 You grant Linden Lab certain licenses to your User Content. [...] you hereby grant to Linden Lab, the [...] cost-free right and license to [...] sell, re-sell, sublicense (through multiple levels), [...] make derivative works of, and otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content (and derivative works thereof), [...] To me this means: I will never again load up any mesh or texture.
  14. We just made a working toaster as a hunt gift at M&M Deco. We want to make it the center part of a breakfast table, so we need your help to know what is wanted most. Please take part in the poll at our M&M Deco Blog
  15. I use it successfully to write all purchases into a mysql database and after that notify an inworld object that manages L$-distributions in a special way. I think many tasks can be filfilled with it.
  16. I always prefered to deliver my items unboxed meaning i wasn't able to send additional things like a notecard or a LM of the shop. Now I am happy about DD because I can send additional informations without boxing. Some customers have problems because naming of item is not visible and is different of the marketplace title (i have several language descriptions). It would be nice to have the name of the item visible. Sometimes it still happens, that they don't know of the receive folder. But there is seldom a case of failed delivery. Another problem is the review: Why can't somebody just say how much stars he would give without writing a textual review? And I would like to recognize if a user writes a review, because I may resolve a problem a customer had if I knew of his negative review.
  17. Just look for "Merchant Home > Store setup > Automatic Notifications (ANS)". There you may provide an URL. For more information read here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Direct_Delivery_and_Automatic_Notification_System
  18. I also think it wouldn't be necessary to access inventory. There is no fixed inventory folder from where the items on marketplace come. We just need an interface to trigger deliveries from our direct delivery area on marketplace. The function would accept the item name as input. Only problem: how could we avoid, that evrybody can issue this function for our direct delivery area? This question may result in providing username/password as part of the function call. Do you really want to write your password into a script? Maybe it is possible to check if the owner of the script is also the owner of the direct delivery area,
  19. I would like to know if a customer on Marketplace writes a review. Is there a way to activate email-notification on the writing of reviews? Or do you have any other idea how to know if somebody wrote a review? Because writing of reviews is some effort I want to reward users writing reviews by sending them a present. That may be automatically accomplished by a thunderbird filter.
  20. Two hours ago some of the inventory items that where attached to me vanished. They are not in Lost&Found or in the trash and can not be found in inventory by search. Is it possible to restore my inventory to a state before that happened (around 1st march 2012, 1pm)? Can I file a ticket somewhere?
  21. The great Christmas Tombola at M&M Deco startet. Spin the wheel of fortune and win one of 26 nice prices or some Lindens. So jump into your boots like Santa does and hurry to M&M Deco. Win something and have a look at the nice Christmas exhibition. Here is your sledge: Sledge to Christmas Tombola
  22. You find a drift bottle of a seaman that stranded on Paradise Islands. Once a nation of mers lived there. The nation is extinct but it left behind its ruins and a valuable treasure. You can solve the riddle of the Paradise Islands mers on the sim Montreux . The adventure can be played in German or English . Who solves this adventure until 31st of August may win great prices: 1000L$, 500L$ and 300L$ as well as no-cash prices from the product line of M&M Deco. The Game starts here: Paradise Islands Abenteuer Start: Montreux/113/115/21
  23. Du findest eine Flaschenpost eines auf den Paradise Islands gestrandeten Seemanns. Dort gab es ein Volk von Mers. Das Volk ist ausgestorben, aber es hat einen wertvollen Schatz hinterlassen. Auf Montreux kannst du das Rätsel der Paradise Islands Mers lösen, ein Abenteuer, das sowohl in deutsch als auch in englisch gespielt werden kann. Denen, die das Abenteuer bis zum 31.8. erfolgreich bestehen winken tolle Preise: 1000L$, 500L$, 300L$, sowie Sachpreise aus dem Sortiment von M&M Deco. Das Spiel startet hier: Paradise Islands Abenteuer Start: Montreux/113/115/21 Viel Spaß allen!
  24. I thought Subscribe-O-Matic is a wonderful thing: Get news from a shop or a singer or ... without using up the precious (former) 25 groups. I am in dozens of subscriber groups. Now the messages are to many that I get from them. Easy thing! Just leave the Subscribe-O-Matic group! But oups! The shop (in the last case Tiramisu Designs) removed the Subscribe-O-Matic board but continues to send messages. And the singers remove their boards after each of their performances. So what to do? Do i have to mute dozens of people to no more get the Subscribe-O-Matic messages? That would mean I will not be able to buy anything in their shops again! So, where is the central Subscribe-O-Matic terminal wehere i can list all groups i am in and leave them? Nowhere! But look at this forum and you will see what customers are worth: a dozen forum groups for sellers and none for customers.
  25. Welcome Rod! I love to be in SL to see and make friends with nice people from all over the world.Thank you Linden Lab for this singular wonderful system! But please don't forget: I am no Sim! SL is not a game! Please talk with your customers and fix the main problems in SL, e.g.: conferences don't work reliable, TP does not work reliable, lag is everywhere, land is to expensive, graphic is outdated ... Good luck!
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