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  1. My previous cabled SpaceMouse worked fine in SL some years ago, but I now have Windows 10 (running on MS SurfacePro) and a 3D Connexions SpaceMouse Wireless - and all I can get it to do is pan in and out in SL! - I need to obtain the settings to make this work properly please?
  2. I want students to see the same video at the same time - viewing isnt a problem but getting synchronised so that there is no lag time between them .. and their tutor, doesnt seem possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Robit Gundersen Recognized Resident
  3. I bought a 3D Connexion SpaceMouse - unlike previous versions it doesnt respond. 3D Connexion said download the legacy drivers ... although it now lists SL options in Button properties - but still no response. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Perhaps let me know what the 'Button Settings' should be or other issues? Thanks Rob
  4. Anyone else having terrible problems with version 235167 released in the last few days? It failed to load dlls properly and now terrible lag and rezzing makes it impossible to use. My collegues are having the same problem.
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