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  1. We are currently seeking an operations manager to assist with managing our sim, my clothing store, my film company, and some other administrative duties. Must be a responsible, organized person that is willing to go above and beyond. If you procrastinate, do not know SL well, have a closed schedule, or no ability to motivate yourself then you will not be fit for this position. Duties include but not limited to: For the sim- - Promoting the sim and ensuring that the homes stay rented (this will require sales experience) - Assisting tenants with their questions and issues
  2. Hello, I am a clothing store owner that is seeking someone that can make clothing store ads for my boutique. Currently, my ads are very basic and I want them to be more modern and eye-catching for Facebook promotions as well as my marketplace. Contact me inworld as Pinkxcstasy Tylman or on SLFB as https://www.facebook.com/LaClassique1.
  3. Seeking someone to play these positions in my wedding for two hours tomorrow at 8pm SLT: Waitress - 500L for two hours (Must serve and interact with guests) ________________________________________________ (Just sit and animate, can be AFK) Drummer - 100L per hour Singer - 100L per hour Pianist - 100L per hour Guitarist - 100L per hour Makeup Artist - 100L per hour Contact Moni Telling or PinkXcstasy Tylman inworld or respond to this post.
  4. Hello, I just opened my first clothing store and I am seeking an assistant someone to help with promotions, finding hunts, applying to events, etc. I need someone that is familiar with Second Life and is on often. Contact me directly to express interest.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a 1 on 1 teaching experience. I would like to learn to mesh clothing and rig. I am willing to pay to pay whatever your price is. I just need to learn.I prefer Blender but I am open to other software.
  6. Seeking a Production Assistant to help with upcoming video projects. 5k per week plus bonuses for hard work. Free apartment on my land available as well, if needed. Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/HvxoYrSLxfQTREmn1 Responsibilities: Finding items for each video/movie shoots Recruiting actors and actresses Keeping in contact with actors/actresses Facebook Group management Keeping me organized and on schedule Helping with shoots Must be a responsible, organized person that is willing to go above and beyond. If you procrastinate, do not know SL well, have a closed schedu
  7. Seeking a Nanny/Housekeeper -1k per week- I have the N-Optix home improvement system that rezzes random events. I need someone to help me manage my home and my twin Zooby babies as well as my dogs. 1,000 per week. We do have an open room in the house with a private bathroom. Serious inquiries only.
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