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  1. Hah, first time on here for 2 - 3 years, notice some cute pet thinger named a Meeroo, inquire how I go about purchasing one to just 'add to my avatar' then find out all this complicated breeding yadda and how you buy food and this and that. I thought something so utterly cute and laden with love hearts among other various things wouldn't be without the contrast of some huge money making. So I guess I'll avoid that particular aspect of SL. Also I see that SL is still filled with die-hard 'law is the law' kind of people. Makes me wonder if these guys possess any kind of soul or opinion themselves without them looking up some words announced as a rule, term or condition. Maybe SL just seems to attract these types of people. SL lawyers go~! Man I wish I wasn't so bored as to come back to SL. :<
  2. I wonder if the reason for that decline was the economic depression, or because of bots buying up all the land, then selling it at an elevated price. I know that I won't bother going premium anymore, because the last I was, the prices of land were stupid-high. That and I don't feel like potentially lining the pockets of some guy who lets their bot buy land, just to up the price without really providing a service in the interim to merit the profit. But there are many other reasons out there for this, and I felt like ranting a bit. :3
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