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  1. come see the C&B pub cnat post name as sl thinks is naughty want to know more about it or how to get there use the link http://www.cockandbull.pub/index.html
  2. t's Hits or Miss Mondays! Will there be a DJ in the house or not? DJ Toby will be doing random spontaneous sets of pop/rock/alternative for us. Door prizes will be issued on the days he rocks the house. Want to hear great tunes and win a cool prize? Then visit the pub every Monday at 3:00 SLT to see if it's a Hits or Miss Monday. <217, 203, 47> Logan's Run Lyonet
  3. Test your knowledge of a variety of subjects during the Pub's Quiz Night. Teams will start forming at six. If a minimum of four people turn out for the event (two per team), the quiz will start promptly at seven. If fewer than four show, the quiz will be canceled for that week. Logan's Run 217, 203, 47
  4. what are the best wasy to get word out about a market place store and what are ways that do not take a lot of linden thanks
  5. Ravens Hollow is decorated all up for halloween see the vid for a taste of what is there, and come check out the crypt on oct 22 for a live music show at 2 pm sl time with christov Kohnke http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ravens%20Hollow/104/13/21 to see the decorations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDq1tfkmVHU
  6. it is not rlv is pg13
  7. i had on my sim til an sl opps cute tombs stones that were given to me by a no longer with us sl person there were three headstones that i remember and ghostly shapes would rez up spin and then go away the ghosts were just sort of white blobs did not look like a person was an older item had it for in my sim for 3 years if anyone can give me clues where to find or even how to make the ghost emmiter so i could have it back would be great as can not ask the person who gave it to me no is not in inventory or lost and found thanks
  8. im not happy with this new release at all thanks sl for listeningg oh wait you didnt.
  9. do the color coding, and when you say past names does that mean names not in use now i mean i know you have the ablity to not let people use names that are currently in use by a memeber of sl, i really hope you think more on this and dont let people use names that are in the system as active right now, yes that will limit them but then they need the limits i and many many others do not want someone using our names ever, if this is for people to use when partnered or rp then really there is no reason they should have acceces to current in use names, now i know anyone can have the same first name as me in sl, or same last name thats not the prob, what is is if they can use my name, if this is not going to be the case then please tell us how it is going to work.
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