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  1. I am looking for an animator experienced with Quadrapeds to create a few animations. Please contact me in world.
  2. Can we please have instant cashouts? Merchants have requested this feature for years and we still do not have it. With the purchase of Xstreet, the instant cashout function there was eventually removed. All of the Lindex competitors have instant cashouts.
  3. You could try this, it is not textured like that but it is long with split. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HH-Hucci-Farrah-Dress-DEMO/3662995
  4. Thank you for all of your hard work
  5. All the mesh regions are full of clutter. Now that mesh is live more people will be using the regions to test uploads prior to taking them to the main grid. Please clear the regions out and set them to auto clean, even if they only clean on a week or every 3 days.
  6. It won't run on my Desktop with the better specs, but it runs on my cheap laptop.
  7. I install SL to my D Drive so if what you are saying about the coding being for C alone, that is the issue.
  8. It crashes on startup. It won't connect to send a crash log. I delete cache and all setting manually and it will not start. I run Kirsten Viewer and other versions of V2 with no issues at all.
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