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  1. how do I get it to work like a bowling ball like a power up after holding it for like 5 seconds it speed is 100
  2. thank you! I'm looking now!
  3. I was wondering how can I script when in mouse look you hold down the left click button for certain amount of seconds it does a specific action
  4. okay your suggestion helped but I couldn't get it work the way you wrote. I did it the way I knew how It kinda worked but I still need some help figuring the rest and fix these bugs list list_of_avatars = ["222ade58-d3bf-4fb7-9910-6e39008183fa","dd55ba04-18c0-4c5b-8241-d5503b6ec044"]; integer i; integer DebitPerms; float comission=25; // for % comission default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); } run_time_permissions (integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_DEBIT) DebitPerms = TRUE; } money(key giver, integer amount) { integer i; integer length = llGetListLength(list_of_avatars); do { float percentage = (float)amount/100*comission; llGiveMoney(llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i),(integer)percentage); llSay(0,(string)llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i)); } while(++i < length); } }
  5. is it possible to have a 4 way split tip jar between 4 avatars. but if someone is not on the same sim or too far from the tip jar they don't get tipped. if so how do I go about doing it
  6. i dont know where to find anything similar to that I have searched. If I can find the basic script of that I may can figure out the rest
  7. I could have rephrased the question into a scripting question but I had a hard time explaining it
  8. i need to figure out how can I make a system using a script. I have no idea where to start for a maybe a cop hud or a inmate hud
  9. how can I achieve a cop role play capturing an inmate when they run?
  10. thank you all for the response it will be no spamming its for role playing purposes
  11. is it possible to have a object send everyone a message on a region when clicked? if so how would it be scripted?
  12. Anyone looking for a dance job? must have a decent computer contact me moni telling inworld
  13. I need male strippers for a bachorette party before saturday contact me moni telling asap!
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