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  1. I really like the new homes coming out, but the location I have now is ideallic so dunno if I'm gonna give it up.... will have to think on it. And although we had an idea that victorian was gonna be the next round, I personally was hoping for a year round winter themed neighborhood with cabins and whatnot.
  2. Oh now that would be interesting to see! My first home in SL was part of the Caledon community. (not a LH home for those youngsters but a themed victorian community lol) This was @ TyrannyElemmiire I thought I had quoted but guess not lol
  3. So one of the recently released regions had a community cabin on it.... If that's what the upcoming new theme is gonna be, I'm so in! Omigosh, it's so freaking adorable. I'm really wanting a winter themed perma-home
  4. I would love to see some mountainous/cabin LH's done. I'm fairly new to the thread, but I saw somewhere mention of new styles coming? I happened to grab a beauty of a spot albeit with a camper (didn't realize they were only 512s), does anyone have an idea of what's going up?
  5. got it YAY lol I was just looking for a page refresher add-on when I thought oooh I better check again XD Thanks everyone for all your help
  6. How do you get an abandoned camper? ETA: yes I know you need to be premium etc.... asking specifically about abandoned ones XD
  7. I wanted to make a suggestion to the destination guide, but once I hit submit, it says: Access Denied - you do not have permission to access on this server. Has anyone else have that problem?
  8. So many of these! But I would love to see a gallery of all uploaded vendor ads, that we can bulk edit/add/delete
  9. Everything about this picture is brilliant. She's an amazing artist.
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