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  1. There are several pretty much secluded places in SL that favors those practices. Pink Academy being quite of deranged place to get involved in this, as long you don't mind mingling with a few freaks, or a couple mystics up there. Their system is basic, yet probably efficient for some minds, but don't expect "state of Art" quality service: it does feel much like a pretext for lots of kinkies. You might more like to head to Cogheaven, an ancient sim really, it can be seen on how it is built and decorated. It has been ruled for years by the same person, some sort of peculiar maniac. Truthfully a very nice person, sincerely. You'll find several entrancement systems there, but also, if you pay attention, many links to other secretive places, where you might eventually meet your favorite mesmerizer. I'd only underline this fact: for some people, SL hypnosis does work, and even pretty hard for some, so please remain careful in the realm of Sucette's.
  2. There is a free script you can find on Marketplace, that will assign your Ownership to some trusted friend of your choice. (or to an alt of you) That way you can cheat out of Icontrol hardcore mode, and start a new life. Good luck !
  3. Howdy everyone, I am a 2006 generation SLer, and I have got lately pretty much concerned about physical standards, and general attitudes towards females. We will all agree that Second Life's community brought a lot of improvements, when it comes about depicting avatars. We saw a lot of fashions over the years, as the creators were feeding us with new outfits, meshing techniques, and creative ideas. Now, it has been some years that I started to frown upon some sensation I got, which basically roughly started with mesh heads. Young faces. Very young faces, actually, fit on some skinny mesh bodies, up to very skinny... To a point, that i have often that sensation, while I am shuffling me feet in many adult places, that the "good looking" avatars are all copy pasted from a unique standard, which is roughly about the body and face of a young girl around her 14-15 ies....in some occasions, I meet some that are built like they were 10....or 11 ! No hips, no chest, no waist, quite seriously juvenile. Worse ! I happened to bring up publicly that ill sensation, and got pretty much scolded that I even did. It not only came from the male avatars being present, but also from female ones that made it clear that I was stepping on some dangerous ground. Even worse ! A female friend of me got pointed as being , quoting "fat, with a wrong IMC, that might lead her to be dying prematurely, that was probably stealing the cakes of those she found too thin to be mature..."...Ugh... I understand that some people wishes to negate somehow the impact of time on the avatars they wear, but lately, I must admit I got pretty much spooked by how things have been turning... Are there more people that have felt such lately online ? Thanks for participating.
  4. Same situation here...can't wait to get some answer
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