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  1. I ran into an aircraft now that seems to cross fine so far. Sure, it still occasionally has the old fashioned bugs on sim crossings, but on successful crossings, the physics of the vehicle at least seem persistent instead of going haywire. I'm not sure how the builder (MeganAnn Mills) did this exactly, but she did tell me she scripted some kind of physics reset into her script which triggers on every sim crossing to circumvent the problem. So far it seems to work, I haven't experienced a single physics mess up in her plane so far. But, while I'm glad that she seemed able to built a fix into
  2. Since maybe a week, I noticed the physics engine of vehicles regularly go haywire on simcrossings. The effect is very inconsistent regarding both what happens and when it happens. What I've experienced so far: vehicles going into a random spinvehicles completely stop movingairplanes plummeting down to the groundvehicle orientation changes (switching left and right, or forward turns into up, etc.)The vehicles ALWAYS stop responding to any user input, whether it's directional or attempting to turn the engine on or off.These are NOT the usual lag effects we've seen in the past. Instead, these ef
  3. I did notice baking sometimes gives incomplete and blurry results. I'm not sure if my appearance is the same for other people when that happens though. But it happens most often when I change multiple layers in succession. Like, when I put on a shirt, and just before my character starts replacing the texture, so when the server is probably in the middle of the rebaking process, I add a jacket as well. What seems to happen there, is something like this: put on shirt -> server starts rebake process -> put on jacket -> server starts a second rebake process -> first rebake process f
  4. If it's one specific region, then contact the owners of the region (if it's an estate) or Lindenlabs (if it's mainland) and ask for a restart. Lindenlabs rarely does this, but it's always worth a try. Estate owners are generally more focussed on keeping things running. Something else to consider: Lower your drawdistance. I really wish Firestorm hadn't flatout disabled the DD gestures, since the gestures gave the user a lot more control over how to rebuild their drawrate depending on where they teleport to, and it can even improve success on teleports
  5. I found it varies a lot, depending on latency (if the area I'm in rezzed slowly, then my avatar will rebake much slower as well), server lag (if one of the sims on the server is taking a lot of resources, then something else can be affected, like rebaking), and on whether I use http texture retrieval or not. It's generally slower without, but my crashrate goes up a little when I use http, so I often turn it off when I do something that might strain my connection, like flying (constant sim crossings, constant downloading of new objects, models and textures). And that's just some of the things
  6. 1 B/C. It's nice to feel welcome, but it doesn't have to feel like it's someones' job to welcome you, that makes it feel a bit strained, and insincere. 2 A. A personally typed "Hi judith" simply feels more sincere than <insert giggle sounds and wooshes> "~o0 XoXoX Hi Judith XoXoX 0o~" that I *KNOW* is for 90% automated. If you don't want to spend time on giving me some attention, than don't try to fool me into thinking you are. 3 B. They're a necessary evil, but practice restraint in their use. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. Practice a lot of restraint, and invest into some kind of d
  7. For those who don't know what Petite Mesh Avatars are: they're mesh avatars created by Yabusake Loon which are only about a third the size of a regular Avatar. Because of their size and certain other properties of these avatars, many regular animations actually do NOT play correctly. Specifically, animations involving hip-movement will not play perfectly well on these avatars, though the impact of any distortions can be so small that it's hardly noticable. However, on certain animations, like ground sits, floor- and poledances, the distortion can be very apparent, causing Petite Mesh Avatars t
  8. It might simply be other animations, like the default sit animations etc. interfering with yours. To prevent this, try changing the angle of every single joint by ~1 degree on the THIRD frame, which should be the frame where you actually start your animation. This "locks" the joints in place, and prevents other animations from overriding yours, unless those other animations have a higher priority. Which is, believe it or not, sometimes a GOOD thing, so don't assume right away that your animation should have top priority. It's usually system-animations interfering with your animations, and tho
  9. I have display names turned off by default for several reasons. 1. A display name has no meaning if it can be changed on a whim. Why the hell should I be bothered with keeping track of who's who when people constantly change their names? Who's who on my friendslist? Who's who in that group I'm in? I seriously can't be bothered to find out. If people want to hide behind a new name, then I'll let them hide behind that, but not in my friendslist. 2. The old username system provided unique usernames, display names do not. It's totally possible to find 20 people standing together with the exact s
  10. Just some of my own do's and don'ts: -Scripted attachments are only necessary for visualization. Talking version or versions that decide how excited I am are a blasphemy to me. Effectively, as a woman I have little use for a scripted attachment. A well done adult skin suffices. For males, all you need is an attachment that has some features to regulate your toys' positioning and shape. Maybe also some particle effects if you really want, but that's optional. -A bed, blanket, whatever with 10 sets of animations can EASILY be better than one with 200 sets of animations. Quantity isn't everythi
  11. While I do regularly enjoy flying and ballooning myself, I also have a skybox right below cloudcover that I wish to keep private. So my solution? Rez a phantom hollow megaprim around it, though still within my own bounderies, and texture the outside with "banline tape". The non-flickering kind, and low resolution (128*128 I believe). So it loads pretty fast, is visible with any view setting over 30 meters (and to really enjoy ballooning, you'd want a view range of at least 150 meters), and gives plenty visible warning to anyone coming near it. There's still a 10 second security orb inside, wh
  12. Well, it seems my alt, who's on another computer experienced the exact same teleporting problems. I switched to Phoenix myself, while I kept my alt on the new LL viewer. Which is rather inconvenient, since teleporting basically means having to log out, and logging back in with the the place you want to go as target destination. Just brilliant.. Completely cleared all caches, uninstalled the viewer and re-installed it as well, but that didn't help either. At some point, my alt for once saw a neighbouring sim on her minimap (those had disappeared from there too). So, I attempted to fly over, an
  13. A forced viewer update.. And suddenly I can't TP anymore.. That's just too much of a coincidence to my liking :-/
  14. If it has volume control, set it to 10-30% at most. It's an okay effect really, except that most who use it have the sound set to 100% so you can hear it all the way on the other side of the sim. At 10%, it's clearly audible within 3 meters, with the sound dying down real fast at larger distances. And to not make you look too silly, turn it off when you're on a beach. It's already odd to walk on sand with stiletto's, but it's simply stupid if it also makes a noisy click-click sound!
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