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  1. Is there a way to change the default search maturity rating WITHOUT blocking adult content completely? It's really, really, REALLY annoying to be confronted with 'the perfect p***' and accompanying photo (or any adult theme thumbnails in general) every time I open the search. I know that I could disable adult in the menu, but that blocks ALL adult content, which is really annoying when I'm trying to go to a sim that's rated as adult even though the sim itself isn't sex related, just adult rated.
  2. Second Life Randomness - PoPiPo music video Because I found this popipo animation for free I had the random need to make a PoPiPo music video... well, at least it kept me entertained for a while. ----------------------------------------- --CREDITS-- Wearing : https://pastebin.com/TqEpi15Y Locations: https://pastebin.com/yCgSgjP6 Free Dance from Neo Tanpopo : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Katakana/52/108/2001
  3. Thank you, I had totally forgotten about how it stacks items when you take them all at once. Opps. But I found my marketplace box, so problem soveled! Thanks again
  4. I was moving from one lot to another and I did a mass pick up of all my items on the land and now I can't find my Marketplace box ANYWHERE in my inventory! (I've tried searching for it under various names and I was only able to find my old empty boxes) It had a bunch of things in it that I only had one copy of so it is REALLY important that I get THAT box back. Can someone please help or tell me who I should contact for help?
  5. I can't seem to upload a new profile pic ether ;_; every time I try I get this error : Unable to write data: error:140D00CF:SSL routines:SSL_write: protocol is shutdown  edit: tried uploading from my web browser and it works fine https://my.secondlife.com/settings/profile
  6. How do I use Amazon Payments (payments.amazon.com) to buy Linden? Please do not say transfer to PayPal since I've already considered that. (I don't have a varified account). I just really want to use the money directly from my Amazon Payment to buy $L EDIT: Is there any other way than calling? I'm really uncomfortable talking on the phone and I would like to not have to talk with anyone. I was really hoping that someone could forward me to a site that I can buy $L from using Amazon Payments or some other way of getting $L with Amazon Payments.
  7. Inspire Space. It has always been my favorite place to just chill out at ever since I've discovered it ^__^
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