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  1. I want the Increase Credit option back. It assists me greatly in miantaining my account.
  2. Now it just takes me to a message that says "IF I want to "limit buy" Lindens, I don't need to increase my credit", but I REALLY DO want to increase my credit, I actually know what I am doing! I have a valid form of payment on file and have been "increasing my credit" using that account for years!
  3. STRONGLY agree-get the Radeon 6750 graphics processor. I have the Intel 3000 (only) one, and there are 3 problems with it. 1. It doesn;t have dedicated graphics memory-and on a laptop, theres no way to add or change that. 2. The Intel 3000 has just barely enough grpahics power to run sl-noticeable difference (BAD difference) betwen the Intel 3000 and a THREE YEAR OLD Macbook Pro with low end graphiocs processor-the 3000 system rezzes things MUCH slower. 3. It comes with LIon (10.7). This seems to be a temporary problem-SL never seems to notice when a new Mac OS is released until waay after its been out-they say Apple doesn't have good drivers (somewhat true), Apple says SL needs to program for what Apple makes if they claim its "compatible"-since its no mystery what harware they have-also true. And after awhile, upadtes come out and it works fine. SHRUG. I know, this is all geeky talk, bottom line, the Radeon discreet graphics system is WAY better for SL and all graphics "stuff". In my opinion, the faster drive won't help you with SL, although it is very nice. : )
  4. OK, great, its good to know there is SOME problem at some point with Lion. How about putting this information in the System Requirements, since according to them, it will run under "Mac OS X 10.5.4 or better", which would presumably include OS 10.7-although I know there is some question as to whether or not Lion is better than Snow Leopard. : )
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