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  1. Come find me in world and I will provide some information that should help you..... collars are always needed
  2. There is no master list, but should be a external database like bloodlines where you can regsiter your stock and even see past ownerships and get references and put people like me out of business, but it is a question of credability and eventually if this person keep doing this, then they are obviously a scammer and probably bored with sl looking for something to do which means they evenually drop off the grid
  3. When your stock runs away, it should be viewed as expected, as an owner you should accept that as a risk and take the precautions needed to better position yourself.... Domina Kitty, Slaver, enforcer at your service, please view my picks
  4. Not sure that is true either and certianly doesn't apply to me as I kidnap or abduct/trick my submissive/slaves into service ~Domina Kitty
  5. It sounds like your dealing with a display name when trying to ban the avi as opposed to the username.
  6. Let me provide you with some clarity, as your post comes across how insignificant and condescending you are, while you can only provide useless and egotistical dribble, someone else has taken the time to provide a knowledge base article, I am assuming to provide some helpful insight to the original poster, as well as any others that could also benefit, regardless of whether the question was answered. If your still confused, then maybe wake up fully or come back, if and when you're in similar cicrumstances, rather than surfing the forums as the "This was answered ages ago Police". Chris
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