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  1. This is my OL stilt and I have access to the water
  2. The Tortuga or Lauderdale are what I am leaning to. Love the photo😍
  3. I would love to see everyone's decorating...I need inspiration as to which home style to choose
  4. Hi everyone and forgive me I know this has been answered before that I’m trying to do this on my cell phone and not very good at the search LOL. The stilt homes on land will they have any water around them or is it only the stilt homes on water? Thank you 🙂
  5. What would we do without your positive attitude?! 😀
  6. During the Linden snowball fight would be fun time for release 😎
  7. I thought That was completed last week iirc
  8. Linden Home is my only home. I love the community. I was not as active in SL until the Belli community made it fun again 🤩
  9. In Patch’s update last month he said they hoped to get them released after the Holidays but he did not specify which Holiday 😊
  10. Please someone take a video of whatever they do! And if anyone has any video of flying cows that would be awesome to see 😆
  11. If we are set to receive notification from Patch’s thread then we will have a “warning “ of when they are about to release. I have never been around for the previous releases so not sure how much of a warning time wise
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