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  1. Love the wall and all the trees
  2. I think Sinny was our distraction ...because we STAYED there like Hansel and Gretel lol
  3. Dang..that would make my head hurt lol ...and here I was feeling guilty about 2 alts ..but whatever floats your boat I guess
  4. Poo for some reason I do not see your signature . Can you post the link to you blog, please? I need ideas!!! : )
  5. Thank you! I was wanting to ask yesterday to see how everyone was decorating but RL kept interrupting , lol . Love all the colors!
  6. This is my OL stilt and I have access to the water
  7. The Tortuga or Lauderdale are what I am leaning to. Love the photo😍
  8. I would love to see everyone's decorating...I need inspiration as to which home style to choose
  9. Hi everyone and forgive me I know this has been answered before that I’m trying to do this on my cell phone and not very good at the search LOL. The stilt homes on land will they have any water around them or is it only the stilt homes on water? Thank you πŸ™‚
  10. What would we do without your positive attitude?! πŸ˜€
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