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  1. now it says the region is full - in reality theres no one there
  2. i bought a linden home yesterday and set it to my group but no one can tp here - i cant even tp here myself - the landmark says no information is available about the slurl and "try later" - its been saying that since yesterday /kats
  3. in other words - is it a temporary issue or permanent and thanks a lot for the help anyway
  4. yes im on firestorm and the rezplat order worked - but does this mean i have to do this always?because nowe i have to drag everything from the rezplat and to its right place in the building
  5. the parcel is in the sea - there is no löand where i can rezz
  6. i cant rezz objects on my parcel. i am the sole owner of the parcel and the system says it cant rezz because the owner of the land does not permit it. i am not outside of the parcel at all. what to do? /kats
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