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  1. Thank you. I deleted the vertexes shown. It works now.
  2. I have this detailed character that i've cut into parts to fit the vertexes limit. Only the head and the left chest got exported. The rest of the parts gives me errors like: "HandPinky0Left" not into the list "HandThumb0Left" not into the list "HandMiddle0Left" not into the list 1 specific error per 1 part Then there are the right side errors which are the same errors only "Left" is replaced with "Right".
  3. After I UV unwrap and done moving the parts around, do I just export & upload?
  4. Let's say I want to upload a clean mesh, empty, naked mesh. Then after some time I decide to texture it. Would the texture fit the mesh perfectly without needing to move it around? Or do I need to upload the mesh with the texture?
  5. I have made these gestures myself,I have uploaded the sounds myself...I don't understand the problem!The picture?If it is the picture why did you guys picked only 4 out of how-many-the-same-pictures-gestures-i-am-selling? http://gyazo.com/ca925bd48ca7f14854eae876d38d0758 http://gyazo.com/e75be658eaeac6dd39588f3dda0895f5 http://gyazo.com/7513f2d8f81c647e1add58aad0adbe47 http://gyazo.com/17c376d4cc472b8f54f36e636dbede8d Or do you guys hate the Engineer?What he ever did to you? Also I am not sure if this is the right comment section my thread should be.
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