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  1. Bitsy, I really appreciated and enjoyed your comments. Most of the textures I use, I buy from the MP. I do make some using gimp, although admittedly not very often. I really like how you've explained things. I will copy and keep. Thank you
  2. I will look at it all.. Thank you, seriously, thank you.
  3. Guilty as charged, Your Honor! Tbh, I have never really understood what I am in fact baking, or why for that matter. I have just learned, perhaps erroneously, that before you can bring an object into second life, and have it texturable, you have to bake it. It is not that I am turning off my brain, but I have never had anyone explain it to me, or even broach the subject. If there are links explaining these concepts of how to properly bring our models into second life, I would dearly love to read them. I have no formal education in computer science, graphics, or animation. I am just trying to bring things into second life, that reflect my best effort. If I don't bake a part of my mesh creation, won't that prevent me from texturing it? And, I do appreciate your comments, even if I have to admit I don't fully understand them.
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I understand I may not be doing it "right". Blender was hard for me to learn, with few people willing to even say the words "second life". I am not even sure what a "texture repeat" is, but handling the materials the way I do in 2.79 allows me to assign different faces, up to eight, to the object I have created. So, when I bring the object into second life, I simply choose "faces" in the edit mode, and apply my textures to those faces. The reason I don't want to stick with 2.79 is I will continue to fall further and further behind the power curve. Most tutorials already are for 2.8 and above. lol, but I am not surprised to find I have been doing it wrong all this time. I do thank you for your help and advise. Extrude Ragu Thank you so much. I will create something simple with 2.82 today, and try to follow your steps. I really appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone. I have been using Blender 2.79 for a couple of years now. My basic workflow to SL is as follows, Model and save, then scale the creation to a useful in world scale. Then I unwrap, the model as best I can, and try to ensure that it will take a texture without too much stretching.Then I will save a UV image map. Then I will go into materials, and assign my faces with colors, so I can apply different textures to different faces in second life. Lastly, using "blender render", I bake the file, and then export it to second life. I have been trying to use blender 2.82 lately to learn to use it. Modeling using 2.8 actually seems smoother. But after modeling, I am kind of lost. They took away my "blender render" and I don't even know how to bake anymore. I have used cycles render before to make a photo or picture.. but can someone help me with the work flow for 2.8 to second life? Must I use "cycles render" Can someone give me the work flow steps after modeling with 2.8 to get my mesh into second life and be able to texture it properly?
  6. I am using Linux Mint 18 with Firefox for a browser. Mostly, It works better than explorer, but I just found I can't download an image, when editing a listing in the MP store. It just hangs, and will not take me to my file system. Anyone else experience this
  7. That is wrong. I was griefed today in both Bricker and Teagano sandboxes. I did report it.
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