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  1. Listen to your user base LL. First fix what's long overdo, more ram, and a brand new graphics engine? It's a shame that my laptop that plays BF3 on ultra chokes a bit on SL in ultra with all the eye candy on.
  2. I don't think mesh will be that big that fast, most people are still using V1 based viewers thanks to the awful V2 interface, i don't think people will jump to V2 viewers until Firestorm interface gets as close as it can possible be to what you see in a V1 viewer. And on top of that most people struggle to rezz sculpted prims which are really low polygon 32x33, imagine how long it would take them to rezz a mesh object, much much more poly heavy. Having all that said mesh looks great and brings a hole new visual appeal to SL, but, i honestly don't see people making mesh stuff to sell much less people buying mesh stuff when you go anywhere on the grid and about 80% or more people are running phoenix.
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