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  1. On 4/16/2019 at 12:44 PM, Prokofy Neva said:

    (...)In a world with such cheap land, the obvious thing to do is to move(...)

    I've had to move several times before when new arrivals drop by and start using all the resources.

    I always make a point of telling the land owners I was renting from exactly why I'm leaving. If in one hand they wanna fill all their rentals, on the other they can't just accept anyone in there that will hog all the resources. I can only hope that by complaining they'll think of a vetting process in the future.

    With 0.001ms of spare time I'm be packing my bags and looking for greener pastures.

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  2. On 1/7/2019 at 8:26 PM, Drakonadrgora Darkfold said:

    so any dumbinants that like to
    so any dumbinants that like to
    so any dumbinants that like to

    You used that same phrase three times on your original post, did you just learn the word "dumbinant" by any chance?
    All the "exploits" you've mentioned are well know, for many years, not limited to Firestorm and there are a LOT more than those you listed.

    Guess what? Nobody cares, they're irrelevant.

    It seems to me you come from a place of deep seeded mistrust and very little confidence.
    I recommend you find better company or stop being so paranoid what someone else might be doing behind your back, ideally both in either order.

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  3. On 3/27/2019 at 4:39 PM, Wayne Langer said:

    Have you tried contacting Xcite!'s online customer support, or reaching out to their inworld contacts (AlexiSnow or Nyteshade Vesperia)? Surely they have a work around for your situation.  (Yes, you got me researching it because it sounds like a great idea). 

    They won't reply, although they are still in business it's very much on limp mode.
    If you look at their profiles, they haven't even bother updating the store location to the last sim they moved to.

    To the OP, I suggest you looking at any other number of toys that can be controlled with a phone app, if you are waiting for Xcite you better wait sitting down.

  4. On 2/4/2019 at 3:52 AM, IvyLarae said:

    (...)**If you want it to, this relationship will extend to all 5 of my alts. Unless you want to be, you won't be owning a character, you'll be owning me, so if you prefer the look of another alt, or want to collar them all, then your welcome to if I accept your collar**(...)

    I applaud your honesty here, most people, specially the someone that wants to have both a relation and a certain degree of freedom to pursuit other partners, would simply not mention any other accounts at all and just use those to find other partners.
    Having that said, it must be hell having to balance 5 accounts, I get a twitchy eye just thinking about inventory management not to mention having to buy the same things 5 times...

    Now I am wondering, would you log in all 5 accounts to be at the end of a leash all at once O.o that would be impressive.

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  5. On 4/13/2019 at 1:06 AM, Alexarosey said:

    (...) if you have any suggestions where to go tell me (...)

    If you are asking for good clubs around the D/s~DDbg theme, I can tell you that some of the best aren't being "advertised" or openly mentioned, since that tends to attract bad attention.
    Good luck finding what you are looking for, but if I have to leave one bit of advice, I'd say think twice, and then think again before paying a group fee to gain access to certain clubs, without mentioning any names, most of those clubs (and the crowd they attract) are hardly worth the fee as busy as they might look.

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  6. Let me start by saying it's RAY tracing, not raid tracing.

    Is it possible? Everything is possible when you have the will, the time and the money.
    Is it gonna happen? No.

    For a start, and putting it simple because anyway other way would be pointless an counter productive, LL doesn't control the assets on SL, that means they cannot control their parameters and that is a major hinder for something like that.

    Realistically best case scenario you'd have ray traced shadows and water reflections in SL.

    Most games today use Screen Space Reflection for their reflections, the downside of this technique is only objects on camera can be reflected, the upside is, compared to other options, it is very light on system resources.
    Second Life uses the good old "mirror all the assets" approach, that is why you can see them in water reflections even if they are off camera, needless to say this technique is very heavy, as heavy as actual ray tracing? No.

    As for shadows, they would be better and more realistic, but considering the number of people that run SL with them off to begin with...

    And that's the problem here, adoption numbers. While you say "more and more games support ray tracing" the reality is I only need one hand to count all of those games.

    And how many people that run SL use RTX cards? I'd be amazed if it was more than 100, so why would LL invest a significant amount of money to support a technology that most SL users don't even use?
    You'll likely won't even see Ray Tracing on Sansar, let alone SL.

  7. On 4/19/2019 at 3:42 AM, Certify said:

    4 x 4gb 1600mhz dimm 1 x 8gb Hyper fury 1600

    I'm confused about this...
    Are you mix and matching RAM sticks? That's always a bad idea.

    As for the rest, grab a tool that measures system resources, see what is being pegged on a wall.
    I'm gonna bet is your CPU, FX CPUs were never good, not even when they were new. The claim was because of their 8 cores they would come alive in the future but that is just not true, even today when compared with the intel offerings at the time the FXs are still not outperforming them.

    Your R9 390 should be delivering a lot more frames than that, but the CPU is likely not making enough draw calls.

  8. On 4/28/2019 at 7:11 AM, Meegan Moana said:

    got a new laptop a few days ago

    That CPU came out in 2017.
    I also see in your other post "Window size: 1304x745" I'm wondering if the screen resolution caps at 1366x768? They haven't made those for years now.

    I hope you haven't over payed for it, that happens all too often.

  9. On 4/25/2019 at 12:38 AM, Sascha Steampunk said:

    When the viewer crashes though it freezes me in place to where I can only spin in a circle and then pops up the "you have been disconnected from Second Life. View IM or Quit".

    That's a disconnect, and since you don't seem to be having a problem doing anything else online (are you?) I'm gonna roll a dice and say it's your DNS.

    You can change your DNS by...
    1) Look under your router to see the make and model on a sticker.
    2) Search online on how to change the DNS for your specific router.
    3) Pick a better DNS to replace the one your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has set up your router with by default.

    While you are at it, and since you mentioned someone was trying to clear your cache on their machine... your should also lookup how to check every device connected to your router (see if you have any neighbors in there) and change your WiFi password.
    You should do that monthly and use long ones as well as WPA2, for good measure.

    After all that and if you use WiFi on your machine for SL, go to a store and buy an RJ45 cable, as big as you need.

  10. On 1/28/2018 at 9:52 PM, cykarushb said:

    Just wondering, what are your preferences for the LL viewer vs Firestorm? Is there any performance benefit for you and your hardware configuration?

    The main reason I prefer Firestorm over the Vanilla SL Viewer is the ability to use it in "Phoenix Mode" i.e. V1 style UI.

    Other than that, there are just a million options on Firestorm that are absent on Vanilla, and yes, some of those do improve performance, such as the ability to lock textures at 512x512 max resolution on the 64 bit viewer, or lower the shadow factor below 1 for example.

  11. On 2/22/2019 at 2:10 AM, lupaspirit said:

    Another question, does the workstation graphics card handle second life better if they handle certain workloads better? (...)

    As other people have mentioned, there is nothing on the market than can reliably run SL at 4K60maxed because...

    A) It's a product over 15 years old that doesn't really do a good job at multi threading.
    B) The content creators are under the impression their works of art should be put on a pedestal and as such they make they ridiculously heavy.

    Let me give you an example, I have a watch in SL, leather bracelet with stitched, the inside of the bracelet has 3D modeled and perfectly textured stitches... something that you never even see unless you clip the camera inside my arm.
    If it was just the outside of the bracelet on a first person shooter game where the arms would be visible in the entire game, I could comprehend that level of detail put in a watch, but on SL... ?
    And the problem is everything is built like that in SL, everything has to be over the top.
    Now some creators just don't think about it, others don't care, while others are just peer pressured to do the same because if they don't people will say "this and that looks bad, this other creator makes better quality stuff."
    Because for these people, quality means something you can rub your nose against and contemplate texture and geometry detail that are way over the top.

    Now to answer your question (finally) you shouldn't buy something with just SL in mind, and you can pretty much forget having it run at 4K60maxed.
    Get something for your work, and with that make the best of what you can out of SL.
    In a viewer like Firestorm you will have a lot of options to control things like shadows in greater detail, these in SL are a real killer of performance but you can set them just right to claw back a lot of frames, and there is always the option to lock your frame rate at 30. Now you might complain about that (and a lot of people do) but you pretty much have the choice of having it stable, or having it jump around like a wild horse.

    I've measured my peek frame rate at over 300 frames on SL, obviously that is NOT anywhere near my average, but with my tweaked settings and locked at 30 I can at least enjoy SL 99% of the time at that frame rate that if nothing else, makes for a stable experience that I can enjoy.

    Oh and I would also like to have a look at those 4K60 videos you mentioned, but I can tell you that highly depends.
    I myself have recorded SL at 1080p 240 frames a second but that was in a highly controlled setting.

  12. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble and I'll be honest, I'm not able to offer much help but since no one has replied to you I thought I'd leave some words.

    First forget about talking to Nvidia, they'll reply with some generic cookie cutter scripted answer.
    Second, your connection speed doesn't impact your frame rate, it might initially as it's being downloaded, once a scene has been downloaded that's up to your hardware to render frames.

    You mention you are sitting around in your empty land at 40FPS, is it an actual empty plot or by empty you mean no one else, but you have your house and a bunch of stuff there?

    If I were you I'd start by disabling water reflections, as SL basically mirrors the assets to have it's reflections, so that's twice the geometry on screen.
    From there you can start to reduce shadow quality, you can even open the phototools (Alt+P) and get it below 1, around 0.80 will still look good enough, specially if you add more blur to make them softer. If you are desperate enough for frames, you can go all the way down to 0,25.
    I would also reduce the number of non impostor avatars to about 6, this will help in crowded areas.
    Lastly, on the rendering tab you can lock your FPS to 30, now I know what you are gonna say, but, if you can at least keep it stable at 30 you'll have a better experience than having it jump from 150 to 40 constantly, the key here is stability, that is the best you can hope for in SL.

    You should also get a tool to measure the system usage, Afterburner will do that, or something like Open Hardware Monitor, you wanna check what is being maxed if it's your CPU or GPU.

    But don't get your hopes up of making SL run much better on your hardware, I'm on Maxwell and I'm getting a better frame rate than you are.
    Now, if you are wondering how is that possible, and if it haven't given you enough bad news, I keep earing people on Pascal complaining about shoddy performance, without having such a card in my hands I can't really do much testing but I have a sneaking suspicious the ancient OpenGL API would be to blame there...
    There's also the fact that you have a Ryzen CPU which I have no idea how well it runs SL.

    I know there wasn't much help in there, but I hope you can at least improve your experience with my suggestions.

  13. On 1/31/2019 at 6:21 AM, Marianne Little said:

    Is it just me, just the Firestorm viewer or a glitch?

    I cannot wear anything from the last 3 gens of avatars, I remember when the ones with the horses came out I was excited to try just the horses, but no dice, nothing I tried worked.

    At the time I just figured those avatars and their accessories were blocked to new users only, I figured that was LL doing since they wouldn't wanna be offering a free ride-able horse (also the wings and other props) and directly competing with some offers on the market.
    Now I'm wondering If it might just be some bug on my installation or something...

    More on topic I do like these avatars even if some people will complain they make SL look like The Sims.

    The truth is most objects for sale on SL, and more importantly free gifts, are made for humanoid avatars, having something like the werewolf (or the other full mesh avatars) is only a hinder to new users. You literally have to tell them to take it all off and start building an avatar from the ground up and as someone that has helped dozens of people get a foothold on SL that is something that will literally make people quit in frustration.

    One thing I wish LL would do is make the clothes on these avatars more modular, I'm willing to bet for example the 70's rocker dude has the jeans and shirt as one object, possibly the shoes too.
    While I'm wondering I'm also curious, are the skins on these 1024x1024 in preparation for bakes on mesh or are they still using the old 512x512 on the default avatars?

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  14. On 14/05/2018 at 7:10 AM, tabletopfreak Toocool said:

    (...)its to help people help people with old hardware better enjoy my sim, i myself have a beast of s pc (...)

    Scripts run on LL servers, they have nothing to do with personal machines people use to run SL, like someone else said..
    What people loosely label as "lag" in SL is actually low frame rate, a person gets low frame rate when their machine doesn't have enough processing power to handle the geometry, or even more often than that, doesn't have enough memory for the silly amount of huge textures every creator put in the tinniest of stuff to label them as "high quality."

    If you wanna improve the frame rate in your sim, hunt down high memory objects, the other day I saw some stairs that took 160MB of VRAM...

  15. The amount of miss information around these is always depressing.

    Before anything, lag is a loose term that more often than not is used incorrectly to label a problem that is no such thing.
    Secondly, scripts don't impact the frame rate performance of the viewer... Scripts run on Linden Labs servers, they impact other scripts running on that SIM and on every SIM running on that CPU, it has nothing to do with the ability of your personal machine to render frames.
    As someone else mentioned, SL is not a game, from it's inception on 2003 and without taking away from the amazing technical achievements, SL graphics engine was always sub par, and even with all the added on features is it sill subpar today, couple that with the liberal use of texture and you have a real problem in your hands.

    With all that said, LL is partially at fault here as well as GPU manufacturers to a lesser degree, I can tell you for example at least 2 AMD GPUs that I've owned in the past get artifacts for no good reason.

    That could, at least partially, explain the problems your GTX 1080 is having, it's not the first time I've heard Pascal GPUs delivering sub par performance compared to older lesser cards, like someone mentioned here the Maxwell GTX 970.
    I can tell you that right now I am not using the latest drivers for my GPU, because they make shadows flicker like a Christmas tree.

    So your problem might just be compatibility issues, Nvidia won't even look at it because SL has such a small audience, and LL is too busy spending SL profits on Sansar and Blockworld to do anything about it.

  16. Before anything that is NOT a gaming laptop.

    The 940MX is just a re-brand of the 940M, which is a 2 year old GPU, basically it has a slightly higher clock.
    This card doesn't even have a desktop version, since it's a sub-entry level GPU, basically you get a card that can aid the CPU on certain tasks but not much else.
    At least the screen is only 1600x900, so it doesn't have as many pixels as a 1080p display to push around.

    Now I notice you mention you went for the 32GB of RAM, let me tell you with unless you're planning on having 100 tabs open on your web browser, that's over kill speically considering your CPU, plus I hope you're not planning on rendering videos while running SL at the same time on this laptop.

  17. Before anything make sure you have an extra RAM slot available, the Asus H81M-K only has 2 slots for DDR3 @ 1600 MHz MAX.

    So do you have one 4GB stick or two sticks with 2GB each for a total of 4GB?

    If you have two sticks of 2GB the best you can do is get rid of those and buy 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM, since the Asus H81M-K can only handle 16GB of RAM max.
    Alternatively if you only have one stick of 4GB of RAM, buy another one (of the same frequency, 1600, 1333 or 1066 you need to check) so you can had to have 8GB and not having to spend a lot of money.

    Now, for the GPU which is what you were asking, and considering your CPU, I'd go with:
    AMD RX 460
    GTX 1050
    GTX 1050Ti
    AMD RX 470
    In that order, according to how much you wanna spend, check availability near you.
    A GPU better than that would be rather pointless since it would be bottlenecked by your CPU.

  18. The problem is the current entry-level/mid-range NVIDIA GPUs aren't as good as AMD ones.

    You can see this by looking at the countless video comparissons on youtube between the graphics in video games, personally I was looking at the AMD R9 390 8GB which was gonna cost me 370 €.
    For that money, I can get a NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB and the problems start right there, half the VRAM for the same price, and when I see FPS comparissons between both cards in regular AAA games, the R9 390 wins more often.

    So the R9 390 would be a smarter choice, specially since it's more future proof with the 8GB VRAM but I know where you are coming from Jean, everyone running SL in and AMD R series is complaining about bugs, artifacts and glitches and the only way to get rid of those is to lower the graphic settings, not something you'd wanna do on a piece of software that came out in 2003, I know I know, it's a million miles from what it was, but who can resist?

    Personally I don't wanna get the GTX 970, because the problem with it's 3,5+0,5GB VRAM (google it) honestly what I'll likely do, and recomend to anyone thinking about buying a computer right now for SL, is to wait till spring (2016) when the new line up of GPUs is probably gonna come out, here's hoping NVIDIA will do a better job, because I'm not one bit confident AMD can suddenly fix all the problems it always had.

  19. This sucks beyond believe since I was looking at the exact same card, R9 390 8GB.

    Frankly with a card like that I wouldn't settle for anything other than ultra settings since my current (pretty old) AMD 6770 1GB is capable of some pretty impressive pictures.

    Right now I cannot think about buying something that wouldn't work with SL, so for the TC I guess the nVidia equivalent is the GTX970, but not only that one (at my retailer) costs a bit more, it also only has 4GB of VRAM and if that wasn't bad enough it's not really 4GB, it's 3,5GB + (ultra slow) 500MB.

    So frankly, maybe just wait till spring for a new line up of GPUs, that's what I probably gonna do.

  20. I got the impression you kinda like Civilization II... on topic, fix what needs fixing since always LL. Group chat, sim crossing, better graphic engine (not saying better graphics, just a more efficient graphic engine on the viewer because this one is really old and it has more patches than a patch box)

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