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  1. Besides looking into dedicated groups you could hang around some of the busy airports. One of the problems with flight attendant is that very few planes or helicopters give you the option to walk around while in flight, so for RP purposes that's a bummer.

    There's also the sim crossings and the general believe the more people are on a vehicle, the harder the crossing is, which isn't necessarily true at least not in the way most people think, and that would explain why you might have encountered some resistance when you offer that service.

  2. 7 hours ago, Sugarbaby497 said:

    I updated to new Lara V5.0 but started having issues with the foot positions not working.  So i was going to try and go back and wear some of my saved Outfits from when i was using the older version of the Maitreya Lara mesh body but that does not work.  The V5.0 will not detach from avatar no matter what I do.  So it appears that the avatar has 4 feet.  Any suggetions?

    16 minutes ago, Coby Foden said:

    You need to delete all links to Maitreya 4.1 feet and hands from your outfits.


    And the easiest way to do that is to delete the feet and hands then let the system ask you if you wanna delete all the broken links to those items that no longer exist.
    While I'm at it, don't forget to use the Replace Links function to get the V5.0 in the place of the V4.1 in all your outfits, no need to make new ones or replace it manually.

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  3. In 2008 I started hitting some chat rooms. Started with the usual IRC suspects but it was hard to feel welcomed there, not only the UI felt like the 70's but the denizens were always bummed out and always ready to give up on everything it would seem.
    I kept looking and sure enough I found some far newer web-based chat rooms, the people there were much more fun to talk to.
    With all that searching I got some ads for a thing called Habbo Hotel. For those who don't know, well look it up... but, long story short, it's 2D isometric very Lego-like platform, you make an avatar and you go around a hotel. I liked that layer, of having an actual avatar that could move around in a world and talk to people. It was quite fun for a whole 20 minutes when it because clear everyone in there were kids, so I bailed.

    That's when I saw an ad for Second Life, so I checked it out. I had a brand new laptop with a sweet graphics card, so anything 3D I threw at it it just asked for seconds. Before I even made my account from the pictures that I saw I figured it was a chat room with 3D avatars, I didn't consider labeling it a video game and that I think was very important for the way I approached the platform, since on a video game there are expectations. Still today I feel like it is incorrect to call SL a video game, but that's an argument for another topic.
    Immediately I raised an eyebrow when I saw the download was under 100MB, how the hell could that be after the pictures that I saw with a 3D world?
    When I got in world it became apparent why, it was downloading assets as it needed them, which made me ask why doesn't it download everything first? This is a perception problem that still plagues people today.
    After I've done the tutorial that included a Segway, hot new stuff at the time I was finally unleashed on the world. Now because my perception of the platform was that it was a 3D chat room and not a video game I didn't felt lost like so many other people report when they don't know what to do next and are just waiting for some objective.

    I started by trying to modify my avatar, shape first, then I even make some clothes, read, a plain black shirt which I changed back because the other one I had was better. Either way, I was impressed I could make my own, and if I could draw one and pay for the upload, I could have my very own shirt. At the time this was very impressive to me that a platform would even allow such a thing.

    The next few days I kept hoping around, it was a bit difficult to talk to people because little that I know my near-that-makes-no-difference stock avatar and no AO was making everyone eyeroll.

    I kept exploring because it seemed like every time I logged in, I would find something else that would blow away my mind, I remember being in a place and walking outside a building only to find a road, I went to follow it and it seemed never ending, I think this was the first time I actually opened the map only to zoom out and see a massive world, there were little islands and they were massive islands. I remember thinking it was absolutely incredible that it was this big when compared to something like GTAIII for example, I could only imagine what sort of thing could be hidden around.

    So two weeks in I found myself in an adult club, it was a skybox which I had never seen one before (at least that I noticed) and my immediate gut reaction was that it was a secret and it was up in the sky to "hide from the mods" so I hightailed outta there in a hurry. Eventually I found out that was very common in SL.

    I kept coming back and exploring, finding myself lost in the most amazing places which I really appreciated, but the people were as hard to talk to as on the old IRC channels, I couldn't fully understand why but I would never get a feeling I was welcomed anywhere.
    Then one time, like many other times, I was trying to have a conversation with someone when they said "I know something fun for us to do, let's go shopping and you are buying."
    I should mention at this point I hadn't put any money into SL, and I wasn't really very willing to, so I was still using my starter avatar with my "custom shape" which I thought looked quite good (but was horrible) and this is an important point, a new comer will hardly be self aware and self critical enough to realize their avatars aren't very good.
    But that line really got me thinking about my avatar.
    When ever I went to a new place the most creative and well crafted avatars were obviously the ones that would get my attention, so they were the ones I would try to talk to, while my avatar wasn't creative or well crafted which made it un interesting.
    So I started looking around shops, clothes, hair, skin, it all seemed too expensive and again, I (wrongly) wasn't willing to shell out my money, so I started looking into things like camping. That was pretty terrible, at the very best you'd get 1L$ for 15 min but those spots were always taken, people doing that would have to settle for far less maybe 1L$ every 60 min. Not good, specially when I wanted to out and explore SL, not sit around, leaving the viewer over night wasn't an option either, back then I'd get disconnected every hour or so and that was while I was active, if I left it AFK to go to the kitchen it was almost guaranteed that it would be disconnected by the time I came back.

    Then I heard about some actual work.

    I remember at the time it seemed like a new club was opening every week, they would hire all sorts of staff, from DJs to hosts to security, that is how I got my first L$ as a security, my job was to look around for anyone messing up to tell the owner so they would be banned. I remember putting in 4~5 hours for 50-100L$ pay... still better than camping and soon enough I had my skin, my outfit with shoes and my hair, plus my reworked shape. Now I was in business, I was very proud with my creation and people were actually starting to talk with me now, I would even get IMed first now and then which had never happened before!
    I was probably a couple of months in by now, but I wasn't hooked on SL yet, I still didn't felt like I belonged and then one time someone mentioned "why don't you have an AO?" to which I replied "what the hell is an AO?"
    Apparently there was yet another layer of customization that I hadn't noticed yet, another very important point, something a new comer won't even notice, doubly so if they view the platform as a video game and set their expectations accordingly.
    So I went to look up AOs and they were prohibitively expensive, I didn't find any free ones, what I did saw was I could buy animations individually and so I did, a stand and a walk, I would have them open in my screen, if I wanted to walk, I would play the walking animation, if I wanted to stand, I would play the stand animation. Manually. Yeah... I probably done this for a month...
    And then I came across a empty AO HUD, free, just add animations it said and so I got it, and started to read the documentation and soon enough there it was, my very own AO HUD that I "made" it felt incredible, not only because I would no longer have to manually toggle those animations and could actually just enjoy SL without thinking about it, I felt like I had really done something, and that was the moment, I was hooked on SL from there on, needless to say it became incredibly easier to engage with people and my friends list grew exponentially the more effort and the more changes I made to my avatar to keep making it better and better.

    Looking back there were so many times I could have quit and just not be here today writing this, I might have never enjoyed everything that I have so far on the platform.
    This is why I am a big advocate for new user experience, and why I spend a considerable amount of time trying to easy people in when ever I see they might be struggling with anything because it is hard enough to get people to try this platform, and the ones that do start, how many just quit because they don't have the patience that I did to figure all this out?
    Specially when we consider messing around with new comers is almost a sport in SL, how is anyone suppose to stick around for long with such a harsh learning curve and everything set against them.

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  4. 1 hour ago, leilaangelica said:


    I went to a huge multi level store that had heaps of cheapish classic clothes back when I first stsarted. (...)Would anyone know what I am thinking about?

    Sounds like Freebie Galaxy.

    BoM layers offer many possibilities, actual clothes might not be one of them.

    Very few people are still making them because mesh ones can be had for so cheap they can't charge even less than that.

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  5. On 2/3/2020 at 1:14 AM, ChinRey said:

    (...)Script time and memory usage are a bit tricky though since they aren't necessarily constant.(...)

    I know.
    So let me elaborate.
    To stay with forum rules I'll abstain from naming anything, but, a while ago I bought a vehicle.
    This vaguely described vehicle made by an undisclosed maker is said, in the marketing material, to be built to withstand the worse lag of SL with super efficient scripts.

    Vehicle A: [84/84] running scripts, 5328 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.385569 ms of CPU time consumed.]
    You'll be lucky if you get 2~3 crosses before things go horribly wrong.

    For reference, here's another vehicle:
    Vehicle B: [25/25] running scripts, 1600 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.472982 ms of CPU time consumed.]

    And another one:
    Vehicle C: [11/11] running scripts, 176 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.142729 ms of CPU time consumed.]

    Note: All measurements taken while moving.

    Now, I know I can take those 10 times and get 10 different results.
    But am I gonna come here as ask for just the number of scripts to be listed on the MP? No.
    Because I can guarantee someone would immediately jump in here to "let me know" script performance is measured in units of time, not number of scripts, and I could have 1 script that was heavier than another 100 scripts combined...
    Ence why I said:

    On 2/3/2020 at 12:39 AM, Dean Haystack said:

    number of Scripts with their time and memory usage

    I believe the more information the better, since less isn't gonna be more reliable anyway.

  6. This is definitely worth looking into.

    First things first, someone else wearing a HUD is NOT gonna drop your average FPS, and contrary to popular believe, heavy script usage doesn't affect your ability to render frames either.
    Scripts are ran on LL servers, not on your local machine. Your local machine downloads the assets it needs, be that the geometry and textures, and then does its thing. You are never downloading the textures of somewhere else's HUD and even if you were, since it's the same HUD you would already have those textures because you are wearing it yourself, you wouldn't need to download them again.

    But as I said before, there is definitely something going on if you are dropping frames when wearing that body, I can meet you in world so we can do some testing and figure out what's going on with your viewer.

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  7. 5 hours ago, VictoriaGrwd said:

    Finding the HD nipples are bugged, they do not mask out the original and clash.

    That's because the HD nipples are just a higher resolution texture on an add-on bit of mesh that sits on top of the body, this is how they get the added pixels there, other wise they would be limited to about 40x40 pixels of a normal skin.
    So these built in HD nipples are functionally identical to the after market ones you could find till now, with the difference being they are build in for free and make to be closer, so they don't clip on clothes, that of course excludes the puffy and hard versions.

  8. You are gonna start seeing a lot of this kinda stuff, I myself have been thinking about making some add-on fixes for something similar if I can find the time in my hands to do it and lose my mind to actually post on the MP and deal with customers...
    We'll see!

  9. Hey there Slay,

    Let me start by saying I feel your pain, as in, I see plenty of people, mostly guys, come in SL, look at how complicated it is and then just walk away because there are only so many hours in the day and to master this thing will take a lot of them.
    With that said, persevere and you'll get there.

    You can mostly likely build the avatar you have in your head, but it will take days, likely weeks, possibly months to get there. The trick is be organised, stay focused and take your time, realize you aren't gonna get this done in 20 minutes.

    I see you have some problems understanding how the layers work specially with people now talking about Bakes on Mesh.
    So far the layers have worked like this: Imagine a Matryoshka Russian Doll.
    You have your base layer, that is where the skin is applied.
    Then you have a copy of the body ever so slightly bigger, that is where the tattoos are applied.
    Then another copy of the body for the underwear.
    Then yet another copy for the clothes.
    This is why they call these, Onion Layer Avatars
    A head will work the same way, with layers.

    For your use case, you will probably only ever add tattoos and a beard, you can do this with appliers.
    Appliers are HUDs that talk with your body parts and send them textures, such as tattoos or beards.
    Appliers can be made for a specific brand of head/body, with these you just need to wear the applier HUD and press apply.
    You can also have an Omega version applier, think of Omega as the universal applier. These universal appliers need a Relay for the brands you wanna use them with.
    Say you have a 123BrandName head, you need to buy the 123BrandName Omega Relay HUD, wear it, then wear the Omega applier and press apply.

    That is how appliers work in a nutshell, but before you get to that you need to build your avatar.

    You need to break apart your objectives into manageable chunks, here's my recommended order of approach:

    1. Head
    2. Body
    3. Wardrobe

    Start by getting some demos, try different brands. The most popular are likely Catwa heads, you also have Lelutka and Akeruka.
    Try everything you can, and try them wearing the base shape they are provided with. The shape on a Bento head will make a MASSIVE difference, and so will a skin.
    Having that said, after grabbing the demos for the heads, start looking for demo skins to apply in them. There are plenty of demo skins that will work on demos heads, if they don't, skip on them.
    After you have all your demos, start testing things out, you need to make your own shape or you will hardly get away from that "off the shelve, cookie cutter" look.
    Remember to save your work, every so often save a version of the shape you are working on, keep these well organized and per individual head demo. If you don't like how a shape is turning out, you can go back and try again.

    If this sounds like it will take weeks, it probably will, but remember, persevere, no pain no gain.

    Once you are finally satisfied with the look of your head, you can start working on the body shape, in comparison with the head this should be extremely easy.
    Never the less, you should also use demos of bodies to create your shape.
    Some of the most popular and well supported right now are Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy.

    After a few days you are probably gonna have something you like, it took you a long time but up until this point you shouldn't have spended any money.

    So now it's time for the wardrobe.
    First, start by asking yourself this, would you rather have 1, 100 L$ shirts or 100, 1 L$ shirts?
    When you start building a wardrobe you are likely gonna find a lot of cheap stuff, but, it's cheap because... it is cheap. In principle there is nothing wrong with that and I myself have previously bought a vast collection of entry level clothes. But here's the thing, if you spend enough time on SL (and you did say you love it) you are gonna come across something that you love so much and is so well done you just have to have it, it can even be 800 L$ for a shirt in a single color (speaking from experience here) but you love it, so you'll buy it. Then everything else you have will look terrible in comparison, every time you wanna go somewhere you are gonna wear your one good shirt because we all wanna look our best all the time, everything you bought before will never get any use again.
    So my advice here is, you might wanna go for quality over quantity, you might have a small wardrobe but every piece you own will be quality stuff.

    As far as style goes, I can only imagine what you like, but, assuming you are anything like me, "stylish" and "fashionable" might not be the words you'd use to describe the kinda clothes you'd be looking for, I certainly am not a runway model, my prefer style of clothes tend to be crude, practical and functional.
    If that is you I have some good news and some bad news.
    The bad news are, there isn't a lot of still around, just to give you an idea there are probably only 2 or 3 pairs on pants on the market that are non-skinny jeans and just me saying that will probably make some people say "that many?!" Finding clothes then is a mission, and you can forget about fashion blogs.
    The good news are, you won't have a load of stuff you would like to buy and spend money on! I'm telling you, month after month I hit all the popular events and when I grab a demo that's a bit of an event... no pun intended. Meanwhile for my partner I get bogged down with all the quality stuff around I can buy for her...

    I hope this helped set you in the right path, remember, the custom shape and skin combo is what will give you an identity, forget accessories like piercings or face tattoos, and for anyone that disagrees, here's how far that stuff can take you on "creating a unique look."


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  10. 17 hours ago, Elena Core said:

    Are SL avatars getting too complex with Mesh, appliers, BOM.. options? Is anyone also confused or is it just me?

    Well, I'm sure you remember the time when we'd buy clothes and then have to adjust each add-on sculptie in place and then resize it, that could be 4 pieces sometimes for something like a jacket and we had a lot less points, I remember the Spine was always premium real estate to add stuff, I remember linking different components so I could attach that 1 resulting object to the spine because we could only have 1 object per point.
    So in that regard, these days you just add your clothes and you are done... even if by default most come attached to the Right Hand which makes my eye twitch but that's another matter...

    For the bodies themselves, yeah, this is the kinda thing that makes new users quit and that (contrary to some beliefs) is a real problem for SL.
    I'm just gonna throw an opinion on here (for the nay sayers to say it's terrible) the time is right to rework the mesh on the base avatars.

    But Dean, won't that break everything and the plagues of Egypt come down on us? Wait, are base avatars even mesh?
    Yes, the base avatars are all mesh and you can even get it as it is open source.
    Now, go to shape editor, what's at the top? Change gender, when you click that you are actually swapping the mesh body of your avatar.
    So the system can already do that. Leave those as they are (for compatibility sake) add in 2 new versions, with higher polygon count.
    These new versions would use the same UV and work identically to the base avatars, only they would be Bento rigged and with a lot more triangles, enough to get them comparable to these third party bodies in terms of roundness.

    But Dean, we don't need avatars with more triangles bogging everything down.
    Well, look at what that attitude got us?
    These mesh bodies are a hack job from the community trying to fix something, namely mesh avatars made in ~2002 they are way pass it at this point and LL would agree, do we remember the full mesh ones that are buried now? The ones you couldn't customize in any way? Well clearly LL was trying to make it so the starter avatars would look better.
    They can do that better now by offering this OPTIONAL choice, and the reason I say the timing is good is because BoM will bring back layers which can be used by starter avatars.
    Since they would work just like the base avatars of today, they wouldn't have 3 extra layers which again, was a community hack to allow for add ons on the skin which brought these bodies to a triangle count so high I think LL themselves called these bodies a something akin to a DDoS attack.

    But Dean, won't that mean LL would be competing with creators if they make these lovely heads and bodies look as round as the third party offerings?
    Yes and no, there are still advantages to have a third party body, namely the support in clothes.
    For the heads, the advantage is also on the fact that you have a non standard base to work from that you can shape it, remember, before mesh heads we were all making our shapes off the base default LL head.
    A huge advantage in this new hypothetical OPTIONAL higher polygon starter avatar would be to bridge the social gap between users. Yes, that is a thing, walk around a bit reading some profiles and you will see something like "I work hard for my avatar to look this good, don't talk to me if you aren't mesh" which is yet another of many hurdles a new user has to overcome.

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  11. On 1/30/2020 at 3:18 PM, Orwar said:

    (...)tattoo/underwear/clothing layers is now optional(...)

    Finally someone did the thing many of us would have done already had these mesh bodies been mod from the beginning.
    I'm not hopeful my Belleza Jake will be redesigned this clever way, because as is this body comes in 4 versions already since someone decided it was a good idea after a year of people been rigging for it to completely redo the hands, wrists, ankles and feet... that's right, we have to pick the right body for different clothes, maybe you want new hands and old feet, or old hands and new feet, or all new parts, or all old parts, the fun is never ending!
    If these came with their layers as detached units, that would mean 12 elements in the box, which would be a nightmare for the average consumer.

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  12. Rejoice, the Maitreya V5.0 is out and all the layers come independent! So people only have to wear the ones they need when they need it without having to walk around with all those triangles.
    Now just crossing my fingers others will follow, I really wanted that for my body for ages. But I doubt it.

  13. On 1/25/2020 at 4:23 PM, Pear Sevier said:

    (...)loading then fading or graying out(...)

    This one happens when the viewer doesn't get enough memory to use.

    First make sure you are using a 64 bit viewer.
    Then turn on your Nvidia graphics card like you were told by Rachel1206 if you haven't already, by default your system won't detect (most) SL viewers as an application that could benefit from your graphics card, so it will run it off your CPU alone unless you tell it to use your GPU.
    Then on your viewer go to Preferences > Graphics > Hardware Settings, and set the Viewer Memory Texture Buffer to 2048.
    Don't run SL with your laptop unplugged, you'll hit the limits of the power delivery of your battery.
    Keep it as cool as possible, don't have it on your lap or on top of a blanket, make sure there is plenty of airflow, get a cooling pad.
    Prefer the hardwire over WiFi when ever possible.

    Other than that, there are a lot of settings you can tweak to improve your performance.

    Draw Distance: 128 meters max unless you are flying or sailing, for your day to day chat/club/shop you can probably live with 88 meters.
    Water Reflections: Minimal, unless you are taking a picture near the water, you can live without reflections and enjoy a better performance.
    Max. Particle Count: 2048, should be plenty to see the important effects.
    Max. # of non-impostor avatar: 7, this will show all your friends or the people closest to your camera and 2D all the others, don't worry, the system can turn them back to 3D as needed quickly.
    LOD: 2, 3 max, you only wanna go to 4 or above if you are taking a long shot picture.
    Limit Framerate: 30, uncaped it will likely go between 20-200, your display only shows 60 and no, all those extra frames won't do a thing for input latency on a thing like SL, cap it to 30 and enjoy a consistent experience instead of watching drop to 1/10 after a teleport to a busy place.
    Depth of Field: Off, this can be very taxing on your GPU depending on how you set it, it's more for a cinematic effect, you won't miss it on day to day use.

    If after all that you still see the textures going "in and out of focus" constantly in front of you (which you shouldn't, you'll have enough memory) then consider turning on Lossy Texture Compression and Restrict max size to 512px.

  14. @Alyona Su The unedited original post could not be more clear.

    5 hours ago, Dean Haystack said:


    (...)last one on the right from that list(...)

    When I mentioned Ruth...

    5 hours ago, Dean Haystack said:

    (...) I've been looking up and down the Library and no luck so far, I found pretty much all of the old ones and even Ruth is hanging there (...)

    If I clearly stated I found Ruth, it is beyond me how anyone reading that would think I was looking for a thing that I had found...

  15. @Panteleeva

    As did I, like you can see in my original post...

    3 hours ago, Dean Haystack said:

    Ruth is (...) there

    I'm not interested in Ruth, she's an older avatar and not part of this generation:


    The avatar in the top left on that picture is NOT Ruth. This is what those two avatars in the top look like:


    Did I mention that avatar is not Ruth and Ruth is not part of the generation of avatars I am looking for? I'm not interested in Ruth, I don't know if I mentioned that before.

    The SOLE reason I even pointed the out the name 'Ruth' (and I'm starting to regret it, is she akin to a lazer pointer?) was to make a point that there is a chronological gap in what is available on the Library, it's not a matter of "the very old stuff is not available" because Ruth predates THE ONES I WANT, that's it, I'm not looking for her, never was, made that very clear on my original post.

    Right now I'm thinking, Ruth might be in the Library as an exception because she was actually the first mesh avatar made when LL moved from their primitars, but the rest of the old stuff isn't available because it just wasn't made to be available for no particular reason.
    Either that or maybe there is some licencing issue with that generation that I am interested in.
    I know the generation that followed the one I want was created by some brands in SL such as Adam N' Eve, Nylon Pinkney, Grendel's Children, Wraith Unsung and Renegade Clothing.
    All of those can be found in the Library with more information here: 
    As far as I can tell, the ones on that link (not the picture) were released around June 2008

    The ones in the picture (the only ones I am interested in) were the default starter avatars until around May of 2008, since I created my account on May 2008 and the upload date on the wiki for the generation that followed is June 2008.

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  16. 32 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    @Dean Haystack You could just create the original Ruth look yourself.(...)

    3 hours ago, Dean Haystack said:

    (...)I found pretty much all of the old ones and even Ruth is (...) there, but no luck with a particular generation that I want.


    (...)I am particularly interested in the last one on the right from that list(...)


  17. Hello forum,

    I come to you in a time of great need. I'm looking for some very old starter avatars. I've been looking up and down the Library and no luck so far, I found pretty much all of the old ones and even Ruth is hanging there, but no luck with a particular generation that I want. This is the generation I am looking for:


    I am particularly interested in the last one on the right from that list, but I can't seem to find any of that generation at all, not even the top one on the right which is suppose to be called "Boy Next Door" and look like this:


    There is a folder with that name, but when I wear the folder named "Boy Next Door" I get this:


    Is that generation of avatars all gone for some reason? Any help would be appreciated.

    Please, pretty please.

  18. I started doing this thing but I never got to finish it... http://deanhaystackroadtrip.blogspot.com/
    I've been busy D;

    There are no shortage of vehicles in SL but beware:
    You will find a lot of security orbs and ban lines around, you cannot hit these or you'll either break your vehicle or just get ejected home.
    Keep your minimap open, right click and Show > Property Lines, not available in all viewers.
    The property lines will be invaluable and you can always trust them to stay away from private parcels and stick to protected land.

    Do not use planes. Ever.
    If your goal is to explore the mainland places are the worse vehicle you can pick. You can only stop mid air if you cheat, and odds are depending on your machine and connection you will travel faster than the world can render, so you won't see anything.

    Helicopters, meh.
    You can certainly do a lot of hovering around but you will feel tempted to go over parcels and you risk hitting a banline or an orb.

    Cars or motorcycles.
    You should know that not all are created equal, your driving experience will vary a lot depending on how the vehicle was built and scripted. For example I have a 4x4 that was actually designed to simulate hill climbing, I can even put the break on and leave it on an incline, most vehicles will just go crazy on such angles and slide down.
    If you are sticking to the roads, most will work fine.

    Another thing to remember, the more crossings you do, the more crazy SL gets, you will start getting your attachments detached pretty quick for example. Normally you can just re-attach them. When it gets too bad you might have to relog, and on very rare occasions your scripted objects (such as your head) might actually break. In these cases you might need to get a redeliver and set it up again.
    Don't let that stop you, this happens very rarely but keep that in mind, a good strategy is to make a copy (not a link) of everything you wanna wear, head, body and so on, wear those copies on the trip, if they break they were just throw away copies anyway.

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  19. If you want a Linden Bear, I found the "Magellan Linden Bear" last year

    For old places, you have to visit Svarga.
    Back in the day Svarga was the most amazing looking place in SL, about the most visited and active too.
    I have been told LL beta tested voice chat in it, it is so significant that LL bought it to preserve it as is, if I am not mistaken it was all built without any sculpties (let alone mesh) and it still looks amazing today.
    The performance in it, because they didn't put a 1024x1024 on absolutely everything is also a dream.

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  20. Alt7 is still running in the same place!!!
    That has to be at least about 12 years without ever moving, my landmark says acquired in 2009 and still works, the club still looks relatively the same, the basic structure of the building is the same even if the props inside are different.
    I gotta say, I think the old props had more charm, they could do a bit better today but hey, having a club running for that long I could only dream of that achievement.

    Yes here's the link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pomponio/32/72/71

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  21. On 8/30/2019 at 8:13 PM, Vanity Fair said:

    (...)the most consistently popular/crowded sims in Second Life?(...)

    If you are talking about traffic, AFK clubs, which are in the top 3 worst inventions on SL right next to facelights and minimize buttons on HUDs.
    Now, as someone else mentioned, if you want live bodies that's a whole other matter, personally I find people keep their favorite places to themselves until they trust you enough to tell you about them and bring you in for a visit in an effort to "not ruin the crowd."

    If that sounds odd, I can tell you it's more reasonable that you might first think, I've seen a couple of places that used to be popular, that popularity attracted people that didn't fit, and weren't interested in fitting. They were just looking for a place to "mingle in between" real quote. The particular reasons each could give them their own, perhaps one of the most common were trying to get traffic on their blogs by advertising them on their profile, or just good old trolling "I just like to ignore IMs, makes me feel powerful" another real quote.
    With that, the people that once made the club popular started looking elsewhere, the AFK ad statues were all that's left and when they figured no one was clicking on their stuff there they too moved away leaving behind a desert of a place.

    So if you wanna write up a blog, keep digging.

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  22. I don't think LL ever thought Bellisseria would get that large that quick, shame they ended up destroying the long 2 sim wide canal that was going South to Jeogeot.
    I really liked sailing it, because it wasn't very well known and the performance of those sims wasn't great, you could easily do the whole trip without finding anyone giving you a sense of isolation and long range sailing.

    Other than that, exploring the mainland is like going on a fever dream, always crazy stuff to see, things that will make you thing what in the hell...

    For the people that like to explore, here's a little something special:

    The 1st prim.
    First primitive created on private property, March 26, 2004 in Nova Albion.

    The 1st resident legacy.
    Steller Sunshine, she built some of the first resident content in SL, including the Governor Linden's Mansion in Clementina.
    Linked below is a giant climbable beanstalk she made.

    The 1st shop.
    Aqua Avatar Central, it was the first store in Second Life.

    The 1st SIM, Da Boom.
    The first sim to be added to the grid, marked as sim number 1 (sim1) Da Boom is a Mature rated sim on the continent of Sansara.
     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Da Boom/33/111/30

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